Fast and Crispy No Rise Pizza Crust

Do you have a particular pizza crust preference?

I would be hard pressed to name a favorite style, but something about a very thin, crispy, crackly crust is quite appealing to me.

What makes this recipe different than most is that there is no rise-time. Perfect for those occasions when you want pizza in a hurry.

This is a recipe my family has been enjoying for a very long time ~ it is very user friendly, too. It yields one large pizza, two medium or four small pizzas. I prefer to make four smaller pizzas so we can vary the toppings (and the dough is a bit easier to work with in the smaller size.)

And if you don't happen to use up all of the dough you can either refrigerate it for up to one day, or freeze it for longer storage.
The pizzas in these photos were made from dough prepared, then refrigerated the previous day ~ so they have risen slightly more than dough formed and used immediately. Both ways are delicious!

I like to bake in a hot (500*) oven and directly on the pizza stone, and keep the toppings rather sparse to achieve the most crispy crust.
Again, the pizzas shown here were made from dough which was refrigerated for one day ~ so they rose a little more than immediately-made and baked dough.
This time they were topped with quick homemade pizza sauce (I'll share my favorite in the near future), fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, olive halves, and finely slivered sweet red pepper and slivered brown/yellow onions and fresh herbs.
On one pizza I added grape tomatoes, which I had oven-roasted with olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, sea salt and cracked pepper. Soo good!
To simplify even further ~ you can also make this dough in a food processor.
If you would like a printable copy of the recipe and directions
please click HERE to go to the Once Upon a Plate Recipe Blog.
If you try this method ~ I hope it becomes a favorite of yours as well.


  1. Mary, your pizza is a thing of beauty. The colours are so vibrant and the crust......well what can I say.....I just love, love, a thin crust pizza.

  2. You know, I never cared for thin pizza crust until I had some at a little place up in L.A. It was so yummy that it quickly changed my mind! Thanks for the recipe : )

  3. Love thin pizza crust. I am from Chicago...I think I can qualify as an expert on the subject!! ;-)


  4. Those are some beautiful pizzas! Yes, please do post the pizza sauce recipe! Pretty please!

  5. Such a nice composition(s) too Mary:)

    I can taste it you know..

  6. Fantastic! Love making my own pizza, hate the wait for the gratification. Yours is the perfect solution.

  7. Yummy Mary...the colors are magnificent!
    It is a pizza kind of week!

  8. absolutely gorgeous. Colours, photographs, the thin crust the topping..everything. TQ :)

  9. I love crispy, thin pizza crust. I'll check out the recipe, thank you.


  10. Hello, I have passed you an award. Feel free to pick it up from my blog =)

  11. It's 4:30 a.m. and I want a nice wedge of your beautiful pizza. It looks terrific. Gorgeous pix.

    I've recently become a fan of the thin pizza crust so this looks especially appealing to me. thank you for sharing such a delicious post.

  12. Now I'm craving pizza! I think one of the reasons that I don't make it often has to do with the rise time. This solves that problem!

  13. Your pizza is mouth watering good, Mari. I'm eager to try your dough recipe because I, too, like a thin crispy crust. Some days quick and easy is what its all about.

  14. Love no rise, thanks for the recipe. Clarice

  15. What a spectacular looking pizza! I have recently been making 'free-form' pizza and I must say yours is definitely one I am going to try.

    First time to your incredibly creative blog and look forward to flipping through your collection of post. Cheers

  16. Your pizza is gorgeous and I love the idea of a no rise dough. Easy and delicious works for me.

  17. This is the perfect pizza for me because not only does it look mouthwateringly good, I ALWAYS want my pizza in a hurry! As usual, photos I just want to eat! Thanks for this, Mari!


  18. How neat. I would have never thought this could work, but your pizza is beautiful. Oh and I am off to vote for you.

  19. I love the idea of not having to wait. The simple flavors that you have used on your pizza are even more appealing!!!

  20. definitely like the idea of homemade pizza in a hurry. always want it now when i'm craving and this recipe does the trick!


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