French Bread ~ Two Ways

I'm going to share two ways of making this bread 
the recipe is the same in both cases, but the loaves
are just finished differently. (I made a mistake the first
time I made it, but we still loved the bread!)

The recipe makes one large loaf, or two medium size baguettes, 
and you can use a bread machine for
mixing the dough and for the first rise.

This the bread cooling when the recipe is made the way it
was intended to be made ~ resulting in a nice 
crispy-chewy crust with body.  

The interior texture is fairly fine, unlike a rustic sourdough; 
no big holes so you can use it as a base for sandwiches and tartines, etc.

For the crispy crust version, egg-white wash is
brushed on during the last few minutes of baking.

And below is my "mistake" version:

 I brushed the egg wash on the bread when I placed
it in the hot oven. This way the crust is softer ~ 
perfect for when you don't want a pronounced crunchy crust. 

Kids and anyone with a dental issue would probably 
prefer the bread made this way.  :0)

Either way, there is not much that can top the
aroma (and taste) of freshly baked bread!

If you would like a copy of the recipe; you can find
it HERE.

Coming next:

I'll share a couple of yummy ways I like to use French bread
when it's a day or two old.


  1. dental issues cracks me up! and if that is a mistake i am throwing in the towel before i even start... i need to learn to be brave and tackle bread, its so pretty and i know mine would look like an ameba...

  2. Oh, Mari, these loaves of bread look just perfect!

  3. Mary ..they are beautiful..I have bread rising now..
    This must be the bread we spoke of?

    Thank you..

    And thanks for the heads up about softer consistency..
    They both ..(ways ) look good..

  4. I'm a fan of adding the egg before baking. LOVE the look of your loaves.

  5. Beautiful Mary. Love the dusting of flour on the first two.

    Nice to see you posting again.


  6. Il me semble sentir son odeur jusque là !...
    je suis en train de prendre ma tasse de thé et avec une bonne confiture maison il me semble juste parfait !
    Gros bisous

  7. Should all my mistakes look and taste as good as yours. Both of these are just gorgeous.

  8. I can just smell the beautiful aroma. They both look amazing!

  9. Lovely French bread. I think I'll follow your "mistake" version because my little boy just lost his 2 front teeth. The softer version will be perfect for us.


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