Shrimp and Asparagus Fried Rice

When rice is on the menu I always steam enough for
leftovers so I can make Fried Rice. 
(Leftover, cold rice makes the best quality fried rice.)

It's one of my favorite dishes and I usually load it up
with healthy things so it is a one bowl meal. Another
reason I love it is because it is the perfect opportunity
to use up leftovers.

This time I didn't really use leftovers (except the cold rice),
as our dear neighbors generously share fresh asparagus
from their garden . . . (Thank you P & J!) So I wanted
that to be the star of the dish, and I added a few
medium size shrimp along with the things I always
include in Fried Rice. 

If you've made Fried Rice you know the steps and this
never really needs a recipe, but generally I follow this

Heat about a tablespoon or so of vegetable oil in a large skillet or wok
Yellow or white onion - diced, saute until translucent 
Garlic (optional sliced) add when the onions are almost done

Carrots - diced or sliced
Celery - diced or sliced (I like lots)

I allow those veggies to saute for just a minute or two 
(to retain some crispness)

Next add the remaining ingredients:

Asparagus - or other vegetable (as much or as little as you like),
sliced on an angle in small pieces so it cooks quickly
Cold rice (may need to add a little more oil to the pan
before adding rice)
a little salt

Stir the rice until the vegetables are distributed evenly through the rice
and all ingredients are hot. 

At this point I push the rice to the side and add a teaspoon or 
so of vegetable oil, then add one or two (or more) beaten eggs
 to the cleared area of the pan ~ cooking and stirring until the eggs are lightly scrambled, 
then stir them into the rice mixture.

Usually if I'm adding shrimp I cook them separately, 
(I poach the shrimp in lightly salted water for just one or two minutes until they just turn pink.)

Add the shrimp and
fresh or frozen peas, snow peas, or edamame to the rice mixture, 
and allow to heat through (usually takes less than a minute.) 
If using frozen peas I don't bother cooking or thawing them as the residual heat
will do the job.

For best flavor serve the delicious rice up right away 
and sprinkle with thinly sliced scallions/green onions-- both white and green parts. 

If desired garnish with cilantro, toasted sliced almond and/or
toasted sesame seeds.

Something that you may find surprising?

My Fried Rice is not the usual kind you'll find in most
Chinese-American restaurants  - because it isn't cooked with
soy sauce.

I learned many years ago from a cooking lesson conducted by a
native Chinese woman that authentic Fried Rice is not cooked with
soy sauce so I do not add it, but instead pass it at the table
for anyone who would like it.
 (I usually add some to my bowl at the table because that's the way I grew up eating it.)  ;o)

This is just an outline of how I make  Asparagus- Shrimp Fried Rice, 
truly the variety of vegetables and/or protein you can use is enormous.

I usually make some form of Fried Rice about twice a month,
many times with brown rice rather than white and we
always look forward it. 

Bonus! When you make it yourself, you can be extra generous
with the add ins!

If  you give it a try, I hope you love
it too.

Do you have favorite version of Fried Rice? I
would love to hear about it-- whether you make your own
or order it -- I'm always up for new ideas.

Please come visit Foodie Friday over
at Rattlebridge Farm blog for more
great recipes!


Thank you for stopping by today!

Blessings,  ~Mari


  1. Hi Jain . . . here we go again, for some reason your comment isn't appearing here. So I'm going to post it, because I want to reply to you!

    "a quiet life has left a new comment on your post "Shrimp and Asparagus Fried Rice":

    your pics are killing me... makes me want to toss my camera and call it a day :-( i just walked in with a bag of shrimp to make a novel recipe, now, i am feeling squeamish about even trying to take a pic... i know i love to learn, but sometimes the mountain seems so tall that the shade is a nice place to turn around with my tail between my legs and head home...

    ok, so i can't match your pic talents, but i will enjoy eating whatever i make even if it looks like a 5 years crayon drawing...

    love asparagus and shrimp, the perfect combo~ "

    Are you kidding me? I was going to ask you when you're going to compile your book from your photos. Love the Provence table you did. Your photos are great with lots of different subject matter to keep it interesting~ our styles are just different.

    Hope it's not too warm for you today. Supposed to be in the mid 80's here... then RAIN going into the weekend (????) Oh, and snow at the higher elevations. It will play havoc on the Spring blooms. :o[

  2. Love the colors Mary..
    WE enjoy fried rice too.. I usually just add chicken etc:) You have shed new light...and I always have soya sauce the colors are never fresh like yours..
    Your photos have always been an inspiration to me:)

  3. Thank you so much Monique. That is high praise coming from you ~ I think your photos are perfection, they always have an ethereal glow about them.
    Have a great day! xo


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