Postcard ~ From the Garden

Bringing in the last of the harvest~
Adieu tomates, jusqu'à la prochaine saison. :(


  1. Mary, the tomatoes look soooo good in the blue dish. I kept coming back to this picture as the pattern looked familia.....I have service for 12 in the same pattern!

  2. How fun Marigene~ now I'll think of you whenever I use them.(Which is often!) I believe you, Jain and Kathleen, and a few others are our DISH queens. :)

    I fell in love with those when I saw them featured at a B&B just outside of Portland, OR. I searched high and low for them on the secondary market.

    You probably are familiar with the history of that Staffordshire ironware - I wasn't, but I learned that it was commissioned to commemorate the US Bi-Centennial in 1976 by a bank in Portland, OR. to be given as a premium to their customers.

    The pattern was much sought after & so popular that after two years Staffordshire continued production it was distributed country-wide, in some cases through grocery store chains.

    Have you checked e-bay? Some of the pieces are commanding very handsome prices. I was first drawn to it because of how attractive food looks on it, but after learning the history my appreciation is much deeper. How fortunate that you have a full set of 12!


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