Postcard ~ From the Garden

Another Postcard from the Garden ~
There are about three Steller Jay families raising their young
in the trees close by the deck this summer.
Beautiful, but noisy!
I have new recipes and photos to post
as soon as the new 'puter is set up, hopefully by Wednesday, mid-day.
Thank you for your patience~
In the meantime, I hope you'll visit:


  1. i just saw my first stellar jays this week, so pretty! they are much quieter then the scrub jays, but they both rate high in the screechers dept!

    thank you for linking me! this is a quick disclaimer, don't get your hopes up very high, after mary's blog its all down hill from here...

  2. Those are really beautiful jays. I have been lucky enough to see one while on a vacation out west and it was such a thrill for me. Your photography is so wonderful, I look forward to seeing what you post each day.

    The chinese bbq pork was fantastic! I looked forward to leftovers the next day only to discover DH made a cold sandwich with them for his lunch, he liked it that much :-)


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