Pizza ~ Decisions, Decisions

Question of the Day ~
Do you eat Pizza?
Do you have a favorite style, or combination?
I usually prefer to make my own from scratch, and I like all different combinations, both in crusts and toppings according to my mood.
Lately I'm drawn to all-vegetable pizzas, occasionally some more exotic combinations, which I'll touch upon in future posts.
If you have a few things on hand in the refrigerator, and pantry you can come up with some delicious combinations.
Tonight it was a Greek-inspired all-vegetable pizza; zucchini, red onions, thinly sliced cremini mushrooms, baby spinach, finely diced garden tomatoes, artichoke hearts, little crumbles of feta cheese, Kalamata olive quarters, and anointed with a few drops of fresh basil-and mountain oregano pesto after baking. Don't you love that bright green color?
It sounds like a huge amount of topping ingredients, but it only takes a very small amount of each to arrive at a very pleasing flavor combination. Bonus, it's a budget meal, and can be healthier, as you are in control of the ingredients.
I'll share some more favorite combinations, as well as my most user-friendly homemade pizza doughs in future posts.
And I would love to hear about your favorites, too!

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  1. good morning mary, the garden is eating all my time, but i just had to pop in for breakfast to say hi, even if for a cold slab of pizza! reheat it for me for luch wouldya, fab as always!


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