Vegetable Stack ~ Vegetarian

After indulging in a high-fat meal as yesterday's for our Darling Bakers Beach Party (click to link), I like to prepare lighter, more healthy meals afterwards.

This is one of my favorites ~

Vegetables simply brushed with olive oil, sprinkled genereously with sea salt and freshly ground pepper ~

I often add minced fresh garlic and herbs to the olive oil before brushing it on the vegetables.

And cooked on a very hot grill (either a grill pan, or outdoor grill work equally well.)

I choose whatever is in season ~ this time
thickly sliced zucchini, red bell peppers (charred first and tough skin removed before grilling), or jarred red peppers can be grilled in lieu, and fresh asparagus.

I topped with some fresh spring mixed greens and always drizzle with lemon juice, or a little red-wine vinegar . A herb viniagrette drizzled over is also delicious.

A dollop of dressing is a nice finish (this time I used a homemade Basil Pesto-Yogurt dressing.)

I had some tiny fresh mozzarella "pearls" so I sprinkled a few of them over.

Let your imagination, and the veggies of the season dictate what to use ~ thick slices of red onion discs, eggplant slices,
slabs of romato, mushrooms, especially portobellos are also very nice.

The bonus is that it's just as tasty served hot, or at room temperature. Just don't overcook the vegetables, and make sure they are well seasoned (as with meat, much of the salt and pepper will stay with the grill.)


  1. Everything you make is so beautiful! Almost too beautiful to eat!

  2. Uh...could you save me some...
    Eating vegetables would be so heavenly prepared by you...
    So Beautiful!

  3. That looks beautiful. Almost too pretty to eat.

  4. i didn't know i had it in me to love veggies... only you can make them look as good as chocolate cake!

  5. They look beautiful, Mary...and I'll have the chocolate cake too!

  6. I love vegetables and this looks utterly delectable!


  7. I LOVE grilled vegetables! I have always considered it a summer meal, but you've taught me to reconsider this as an anytime meal!! Beautiful!!

  8. You're making me rethink meat girl.


  9. Your veggies are mouthwatering, Mari. And a good change of pace after overindulging on the weekend. I'm in awe of your amazing photos. Truly something else!!!

  10. Simply divine photos...I think you could make grass look good enough to eat. I aspire to photograph like you.

  11. You have a great blog.I am adding you to my blog list.

  12. Mary, Your photos are the best. I'm not a vegetarian or a lover of salads, but your grilled salad really appeals to me.

  13. Thank you for such generous compliments!

    The fact that you all take the time to post makes me very happy. Thank you for stopping by. :) xo~m.


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