Spring Party ~ Hosted by Cielo at The House in the Roses

Welcome to my Garden.
It's the newest garden on the property, and to welcome Spring ~
we're having tea on the terrace!

With Great Thanks to delightful Cielo at The House in the Roses Blog
for hosting the Chocolate Cookies Spring Party!

The daffodils are just blooming now, the rose arches are filling in with new growth; I'm anticipating lots of blooms a little later this year.

I thought a mix of pink dishes (some old, some new), on a vintage tablecloth

would go well for our tea today.

Would you care for some lemon for your tea?

I made some buttery Chocolate Cookies with Droste Cocoa, and Kaluha

with White and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips ~

I hope you like them; they are almost addictive.

I'm always happy to share recipes ~ you can CLICK HERE

to go to the recipe on my recipe blog.

I hope you'll enjoy your little tour on the pathways of this garden, only the very earliest of the season Daffodils are blooming right now.

More will be emerging in the coming days~

And I'll be posting more photo as those come forth.

I think the rear view is just as endearing.

You are invited to come back a little later in the season when the other daffodils, and the tulip blooms are bursting and the garden is full of color.

I know some of you are collectors, like me ~ so I wanted to share one of my favorite vintage, hand-painted trays.

I love this one because it's huge, about 30-inches long ~ and can serve as a butler's tray on a collapsible wooden butler's stand that I have. I love things that can serve multi-purposes, don't you?

Thank you so much for coming ~ I hope you enjoyed your visit!


  1. mari your tea party is perfect... i love how you have so many nice things and really use them, no dust collecting on all your pretty wall of shamers.

    what a huge tray is right! how fun to have that much space.

    your cookies look so good, i would love lemon in my tea please~

  2. Spring really is coming isn't it????

    tell me so....

    I still see snow.

    : )


  3. How lovely this all is...just beautiful. I so envy that you have flowers like this already. None out here in the barren West Texas..
    Thank you so much for the time it took for you to put this all together. You did a magnificent job..
    Pls come by my cottage and have a cookie, fruit and lemonade....
    xxo bj

  4. Oh what a beautfiul table, setting,surrounding,flowers and dishes you have created...including those yummy cookies! So glad I found this blog, you inspired me!


  5. lovely as usual. and I can't wait for the recipes...those cookies look and sound divine. if it truly uses kahlua I have several jars of homemade that will be wonderful in it.

  6. Oh, I think I am going to enjoy coming to this tea party! I love your new dishes (would have loved a close up of the tea pot too!), the tray, the tablecloth, the setting and the pretty flowers. And the cookies, well, they looked absolutely divine. I think we should taste them prior to making this recipe! Teehee.

  7. Marisol.... que precioso todo! What a joy to come here first thing in the morning and be welcomed with such gorgeous view, table, dinnerware, and atmosphere.... everythings looks so inviting.... thanks for participating in welcoming Spring. Enjoy every minute of it!

    Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love! (Sitting Bull)


  8. Mari, this day had to be a wonderful day...the plates, the food and floral arrangements...all par none!

  9. Ahhhhhhhh, I am ready to move in. You have most beauitful property and what a lovely setting. Clarice

  10. Magazine worthy Mary~
    I just bought almost the same tablecloth w/ blue too on it a tag sale last year~
    I like Vinatge tablecloths~ You have the perfect little set for it.

  11. I enjoyed your post. Very Elegant. and I just love flowers. Thank you for stoppin by. I enjoy to cook but hate the gross me out store. and to my horror I must go by to get some cat food for the new kitty my mom is bringing the girls. I guess I can get those chocoletes that I need to make the cookie recepi.

  12. My pleasure to follow Miss Monique :)

    What a pretty tea party, you have such lovely things!

    I wish I would have known out the party..We need some Spring here, I would have pretended it was warm and flowery here! :)
    Everything looked lovely!

  13. Thank you so much for inviting me to your Spring party. It's lovely. My roses are about to bloom too. I love your transfer ware! I have a cranberry Spode set too. And your tablecloth is heavenly! Cheers! Happy beginning of Spring to you!

  14. what a gorgeous table, lovely spring flowers and cookies that look yummy! you did a fabulous job

  15. Mari, thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for inviting me to your party.

    Everything looks just absolutely perfect. I love your tablecloth and your tole tray. Well really, I love everything.

    We've just had a few daffodil blooms so far, too. I'm peaking out my ofice window just now, and I see tiny little shoots of hosta coming through.

    And, your tuna noodle has made me hungry. I just might need (?) another cookie. ;-)

  16. Mari, your garden tea party is gorgeous. Your table is beautiful and your flowers are so pretty. the chocolate cookies just top it off with a beautiful welcome spring party.


  17. Just beautiful, Mari! Your tablecloth looks almost identical to one my Mom used to have :)

  18. Mari, your garden tea party is wonderful!Everything looks just absolutely cute.


  19. Lovely photos! I think I better add mine to my blog!

  20. Oh so pretty Mary....
    everything is just perfection!

  21. What a wonderful setting in your garden. The perfect spot for tea. Your cookies look divine and I bet they are addictive!
    Love your dishes and tablecloth too.
    Thank you for sharing pics of your beautiful flowers.
    So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my party today.
    Happy Spring.
    Celestina Marie

  22. Thank you SO much everyone for stopping by, it's such a treat for me to read each of your comments.

    It makes me so happy when you take the time to share your thoughts!

    You all are so kind. xoxo

  23. I was so very late for the tea party (Cielo said we could join late & I did). I missed so much fun. I love all of you dishes/glassware. I am a dish addict! And your flowers are divine! You have soooooooo many! The daffodils were wonderful. In that one photo they almost looked like toy soldiers all lined up. Such a pretty post! Thank you for sharing. I want to be sure & come back to visit your blog is beautiful.

  24. What a beautiful table. Red service is my favorite too. I am a collector and I use it when we have friends for dinner.
    great chocolate cookies spring party.
    Happy Spring


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