Happy St. Patrick's Day ~ with the Darling Bakers!

Please come in to a sweet little Irish Cottage!

Welcome to the Darling Bakers St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

St. Patrick's Day has always been a fun celebration as far as I'm concerned

(I'm half Irish.)

Such a pretty kitchen window...

We're having a bit of a ~ feast !
A Saint Patrick's Day LUNCH and..
TWO seatings for Dinner this evening.

But first ~ a light lunch of soup, and a little dessert ~

Hot Cock~a~Leekie Soup to warm the soul

On a damp, chill day.

Darina Allen's Freshest Spring Salad ~

Loaded with so many fresh and healthful things~

Then some sweet fairy cakes with tea~

To tide us over until supper~

And some Sweets for the road ~

Perhaps a little hike through the forest ~

for leprechaun sitings?

You must be quick to spot these faerie folk!

Look! Evidence. :)

Can you see him?
A Ha!

Perhaps a Nap to sleep off the
Feeling refreshed, it's time to eat again!

Supper ~ ~The First Seating:

More soup! This time every fresh green vegetable and herb available~

With crisp Shamrock pastry croutons.
Look! Our friendly visitor~

Salad a la Mme. Monique ~

A stuffed Caprese. Fresh mozzarella in Vine ripened tomatoes

and an Herb Vinagrette.


The entree for the first seating ~

Beef Filet & Mushroom Skewers

with a deep, rich Mushroom & Guinness gravy finish.

For our second seating this evening ~

My Family's Favorite Shepherd's Pie ~

Organic Lamb and Veggies with Mashed Potato 'Wreath'
Comforting food on a damp, chilly evening...

With lots of other good things; carrots, tiny peas, pearl onions, celery...

with a mildly flavored base, seasoned with thyme

Buttery mashed potatoes, piped on so they develop a delicate light brown finish

I can never finish the entire little pot ~ but leftovers heat beautifully for the next day!

I don't know about you ~ but I'm STUFFED...

How about a bit of a hike before dessert?
Please come back later today for the sweets!


  1. I can say nothing else, but you are amazing! You are so totally talented and can share with us so beautifully. I love this blog!!

  2. I have been waitign all mornign for this post, it's breath taking!! Your soups look divine!

  3. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! You amaze me!!!

  4. I want to come to your house!
    Just magnificent is all I can say!
    I love those little pot for the pies...
    Everything looks so delicious...
    But the salad is calling me!

  5. Breathtaking...photogenic...and it looks scrumptious...

  6. Wow, the pictures and food look amazing! I love the soup bowls on the salad plates. The picture of the cupcakes looked so pretty!

    I am beginning to think it's a bit cruel to post all of the wonderful foodie photos-but only because I can't taste them! LOL!

  7. how charming! some great dishes and ideas - really enjoyed your site. . .

  8. I want to be a guest at your house and just sit and enjoy the whimsy and beauty.
    You go to such lengths ... creativity .. love of the art in everything you show us..
    It really is a treat that you share so much of yourself and your ideas..
    I've always loved those little cauldrons:)
    You would be Glenda ..if it was a cauldron~

  9. Oh my I feel quite full after that remarkable lunchin and Wonderful Dinner.... What a spread for sure... I sure wish I were there!!!
    My Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes Dinner, that is somewhat of a tradition here in this house was really good too on this Beautiful St. Patricks Day!!!
    I really enjoyed your blog today it was beautiful as always!!!

  10. That salad with the fresh beets...looks too good to be real...You outdid yourself with everything....Sue

  11. What a fun GREEN post! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  12. Wow! Beautiful food and beautiful table decor! Those piped on potatoes are absolutely amazing. Everything looks delicious, and your table settings are so lovely. I've really enjoyed being at this wonderful party. laurie

  13. Lovely, Mary..everything looks delicious, and the setting so pretty!

  14. Mari - I'm not sure which I loved more - the food or the tablescapes. LOL I love the caprice salad...saved that to my files!!! Loved the croutons, too. So - if I reserve the first seating can I also sit at the second seating, too? :-D
    Thanks for sharing...Barb

  15. omg darling, you totally outdid yourself, or did the leprechauns help? so many wonderful things in one post! i love your creativity, its just abundant in all you do and say and share, thank you darling for an extra special st pattys day.

    opps i am not gone yet, i keep scrolling up and back... i love all your pics and you are even distracting me from idol!

    its fairy tale perfect here you know...

  16. Oh my goodness...so beautiful! I hope you will be sharing the recipes with us soon....I have my eye on that herb vinaigrette! ;)

  17. I well know the amount of work you put into your meal, as well as the amount of work you put into this blog.....

    OUTSTANDING on all counts!


  18. Mari,
    I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart....YOU NEED TO WRITE A COOKBOOK!!!! You do such a fantastic job with your photographs, tablescapes and recipes....It just needs to happen!
    Everytime I come over to visit your blog, I am left breathless every single time! Please, please think about it. It think it's your calling. I'll make sure you have plenty of new pens at your book signings okay?
    XO Nancy

  19. I am a bit late but happy saint paddy’s day to you. I know it was blessed and yummy. Everything looks sooo good xoxoxox Clarice

  20. That has to be THE best St. Patrick's Day party I have ever seen in my life. And that location is simply divine! Wow. I am inspired. Thank you for sharing that with us.


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