Dessert "Cigares" with Whipped Cream and Warm Silky Ganache

Using imported, store bought rolled waffle cookie "Cigares" this dessert goes together in moments. Of course you can make your own rolled pizzelles instead, but when you're in a hurry these are a top-notch substitute.

This is the kind I use when I don't make my own; I find them at my local gourmet/food specialty store.

I piped some barely sweetened vanilla whipped cream, into the cigares. This time I also made some thick, warm and silky Sharfenberger Semi-Sweet Chocolate Ganache Sauce to dip.

Sometimes I serve a small portion of my preserved Brandied Cherries. Each June, in Bing Cherry season, I make Bing Cherry Jam, Brandied Cherries, Cherry Liqueur, and sometimes Cerises au Vinaigre ~ Cherries in Vinegar. (You could use store bought Brandied Cherries, or course.)

They are just as good with just the warm ganache ~ or a warm caramel sauce!

And your choice of fresh fruit, if you like.

And ~ Dish Alert ~ for my dish-a-holic friends!

My very good friend Jain (Once Upon a Blue Moon), lined me up with these darling little red Lionhead bowls.

Thank you Jain, my enabler! ((hugs!!)

If you are interested, they are currently on sale at Sur La Table for the incredible price of 4 for $2.99. Capacity is exactly 4 ounces (1/2 cup).

If you would like my favorite recipe for warm Chocolate Ganache Sauce, you can find a printer friendly version on my recipe blog.


  1. Oh my, my ,my...that is such a "sexy"
    Just beautiful...I have never seen those "cigars" I need to look...the cherries look fabulous... all I can say!

  2. Oh, I wish you hadn't told us about those bowls. What time do they close? Where are my car keys? :)

  3. I could dip cigars made of tobacco in that ganache and I bet it would taste good ;) Beautiful little dessert. The lionhead bowls are cuties!

  4. oh they look so good! dunk and slurp, my kinda meal! you did say they were dinner, right?

    your bowls look great! super pics~

  5. Redilicious post!

    I love your new pots too! I can't believe the price! Good purchases girls..They are adorable..~

  6. Oy I meant Redelicious..The pots made me lose my train of thought:)

  7. That looks like a wonderfully fun dessert. The bowls are super cute and that dip appears to be extremely tempting. Nice presentation!

  8. No thanks, I don't smoke. What? You eat them? GREAT! :)

    These look fantastic.

  9. I've never seen the cigares but I will definitely start looking for them. Have you ever posted the brandied cherry recipe? I'd love to have it.

  10. You're not going to believe it, but I just bought 4 of those little red pots for 69 cents apiece at my local Sur La Table last night!! I may have to go back and get more! ;) I love your dessert. What a great presentation!!

  11. OH MY... your site could be VERY dangerous to my figure! Such delightful yummies!

  12. It is so beautiful!! I would love some of that fudge sauce for my ice cream sitting in the freezer!

  13. A beautiful dessert, Mari. I hope you will post a bing cherry recipe or two when the season is near.

    Love the little red pots. I've grabbed my keys and I'm on my way out the door.

  14. This looks wonderful. I did go get the recipe and can't wait to make it. I went to see about those cute little pots and couldn't find them. I'm afraid you started a "run" on them, and they've sold out. That's what I get for getting here so late. Your blog is beautiful. laurie

  15. never cease to amaze me with your dishes...the photographs are seriously awesome...

  16. Thank you SOOO much everyone ~ You are so kind to take the time to leave a comment. I surely do appreciate it.

    Isn't this a simple little dessert? It's almost like candy and doesn't take too much to satisfy a sweet tooth. :)

    Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  17. Oh, this speaks to me on so many levels. I LOVE bing cherries but, other than just eating and enjoying them, I've never actually made anything out of them, so now I'm going to need your brandied cherries recipe. I also LOVE those little red lion head bowls. I have the large and small white ones, but not the red. Lovely display, delicious-looking dessert, and more shopping, undoubtedly, in my future. Lovely!


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