Darling Bakers ~ Spring Fling!

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It's a beautifully sunny Spring day ~ so ~
We've set the table on the back lawn area for cake and
Strawberry Italian Soda ~

I have a number of extra tables that I like to bring out for
different occasions/

This drop-leaf is one that I bought from an old florist shop in town
several years ago. It is chippy & distressed from years of use;
it has a lot of age on it, which I love.

In the winter I use it around, inside the house ~
when the weather begins to warm I bring it outside.

I always look forward to the colorful flowers of spring each year.

I made an Almond Bundt cake with a thick lemon-cream glaze
in the little Bee Hive cake pan. Although I have the old Martha Stewart
Bee Hive cake pan, I much prefer this one for it's more manageable size.

The beverage is simply Italian Strawberry syrup stirred
into sparkling water, and served well chilled.
I prefer this beverage to any punch ~ and you can make it as sweet (or not) as you like.

The table topper is vintage from Germany,
hand cross-stitched on linen.

The cake/pie server is silverplate, I purchased it several years ago from Neiman Marcus.
The serrated knife is French; a gift from a dear friend in France.

Faux eggs ~ with a French Salt mill,
just table decorations. :)

Vintage Imperial Glass, Candlewick design ~
(also known as Boopie.)

Vintage Desert Rose, the ever popular old pattern by Franciscan.

Thank you for coming by!

I hope your Spring is wonderful in every way.


  1. My dear Mari - I saw your post come up minutes after it was posted, and I have been staring at the pics since. :-) I love, love, love primroses. I do not know why they are not more popular and easier to find. sigh! I have never seen a cake pan that would create such a marvel. I have that on my "got to have" list. Thank you so much for this wonderful "eye candy" post. Hugs, Barb

  2. What a beautiful sight! Love the beehive cake and everything else...Christine

  3. where to start.... oh my..... the bundt is just sweet as can bee ! the sparkling water has me thirsty....the flower colors are magnificant! truly a beautiful springtime post!

  4. wow...perfect!, the beehive cake,chilled syrup and the sweet decor. Such a pleasant view.

  5. what can i say?! what you're doing is...something very special for me.
    i like cooking, having dinner parties etc. BUT i'm 'boring, ordinary' if i compare what you do!

    how long you've being doing this?
    how many different sets you do/week?
    how many sets you have? for different situations?

    ooh, i'm speechless or wordless...

    great, amazing work you do... :-)

  6. Mary..were your ears burning last night?

    WE had a wonderful dinner at C and F's..

    She made 2 delicious HDs..The second tray were called Shrimp Blossoms..I said oooh Caro these are delish.. the first recie had been from Food Gawker.. she said this one too! But she said I think they're your friends..:) Right awy..flashback and I knew it was yours!
    Small world to pick your recipe on FG:) Imagine that.
    This Spring Fling table is darling daring darling.I am still thinking about that behive..I ahave a future w/ litte ones..I think they would like it.
    It's funny I want a folding table for outside too..My tablecloths don't fit on our hexagonal table with the umrealla hole in the middle..I'll be scouting garage sales:)

  7. monique having c find the recipe shows she didn't fall far from the apple tree, we all know a good thing we see it, and mary is a VERY good thing!

    your whole post enchants me so much... you know flowers and food are my very favorite things, all you needed was cinnamon and a book and it would be whole life in one frame~

    its like xmas when i come here, i scroll down with such anticipation on every frame, and i never leave disappointed... well i do, that i don't own this or that, that i didn't think of that, or remember this, but its just the green eyes in me wishing i was more mary like!

    i so love your spring fling, it speaks to me 100%, thanks darling for another perfect party! i hope you are feeling better today and that the vitamin c in the berries keeps you healthy!

  8. Everything looks good and so beautiful, but I could dive head first into that strawberry-ade!

  9. Oh! You have that beehive cake pan from W-S! I have been stalking that thing forever. Is it really as easy to use as it looks? Your cake looks stunning.

  10. Gettin you rsping on in a big way girl.....OUSTANDING!!!

  11. Gorgeous Mari!! I have the old vintage "Dessert Rose" dishes also. They were from my husband's grandparents. Do yours say made in the U.S.A instead of England? The vintage ones are so much prettier that the ones out now.
    Love the glasses too...and the cake ADORABLE!! Nice job :)

  12. Mari! I don't even know where to begin. The setting, the decor, the table, the cake, the dishes, the serveware, the Italian strawberry soda... You really outdid yourself. It's all just beautiful and so inspirational. I love every bit of it!!

  13. Hi Mari...when I looked at your beautiful photos, I wondered to myself why they aren't published in some book on entertaining...
    they are really that wonderful... Thanks so much for your inspirations! ;-) Bo

  14. 'Morning Mari,
    What a beautiful post. Your blog is so delightful! Have a wonderful day.


  15. Everything looks lovely, Mary! Your cake looks delicious...I like that it doesn't have to be iced...Maybe I will pick it up at the outlet...Last week I got a Nordic at WS for one dollar...Really!

    Happy April, and get well!

  16. Thank you so much everybody for your kind comments!

    Monique, how FUN that C. surprised you with the Shrimp Blossoms. Your daughters take after you, for sure!

    Thank you for hosting the SF, Jain!! :)

    Hi Pattie, I've been really pleased with the Nordic pans, particularly those with their "platinum" finish ~ the key is to take your time greasing every nook and cranny, then dusting the interior with flour. I use non-transfat solid shortening, like Crisco. The non-stick sprays don't work so well in this application.

    Hi Elizabeth, nice to see you! Yes... these are the old (made in California) Dessert Rose dishes. There really is a difference; not as much vibrancy or detail in the newer stuff. How lucky for you to have your DH's grandparents Dessert Rose.

    Julie, If you have the beehive pan, I just used the recipe that came with the pan (essentially a pound cake recipe); I omitted the lemon zest, and instead of lemon juice I added 1 1/2 teaspoons of almond extract and substituted the 1/4 cup of lemon juice with water, And proceeded with the remainder of the recipe as indicated. Hope that helps!

    Thank you again everyone for taking the time to stop by and leave such nice messages. You really make my week! ((Hugs all around.)) xo~m.


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