The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ March 30, 2009

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW... Bright sunshine

I AM THINKING... I have many comments and emails I should be answering.

I AM THANKFUL FOR... My family, and being loved.

FROM THE KITCHEN... Hot tea and fresh pink grapefruit juice

I AM WEARING... Pink pajamas

I AM CREATING... nothing at the moment, trying to recuperate from this cold.

I AM GOING... to be celebrating when I feel better.

I AM READING... catalogs.

I AM HOPING... the David Austin climbing roses arrive shortly.

I AM HEARING... Birds chirping, and Food Network

AROUND THE HOUSE... it looks like Spring!

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS... fresh, cut flowers aaround the house every week.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK... catching up with emails & comments, getting over this cold, and spending some time in the garden.

A picture thought I'd like to share:

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  1. I wish I could send you some chicken soup...feel better my friend....I miss you!

  2. Hi Mari,
    Feel better soon! Love your posies in the jug. Have wonderful week.


  3. oh i see april in paris already! i hope you are perking up, i am feeling bedraggled too, just exhaustion, but still no fun, I LIKE PERKY!

  4. What beautiful flowers! I hope your feeling better soon!

  5. Beautiful flowers and hope you feel better.

  6. Thank you, thank you for your sweet comments, friends!

    Linda, I'm KICKING myself for not having some of your Jewish Pennicilin in the fridge or freezer right now.

    Sandi, thank you for stopping by and commenting. You are so kind and thoughtful. :)

    Jain, Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday, (and GREAT shopping!!!) I hope the winds subside. (And that they are not whipping your gardens to shreds.)

    Shelby! I'm so happy you are back! How are you feeling? I hope everything is mending nicely.

    I've got a lot of catching up to do as soon as I throw this cold off track. Thank you again for stopping by! You've all really cheered me up. ((hugs))

  7. Hi Carolyn! So nice to see you~ your blog is always a very happy respite for me.

    Thank you for creating such a beautiful haven for us to visit, you are so talented, and have such a good eye for color, composition, and focus! Your home and gardens are a delight to behold. I could spend hours visiting your blog. :) xo

  8. Being grateful has a way of making everything a little better--hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. The Paris Jug IS an antibiotic:)

    Get well soon..Lovely photo!


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