Savory Egg Fritters ~ Mini Size

I imagine, if you're like me ~ you probably don't fry many foods at home very often. But sometimes I make an exception.

Once in a while a little crispy something just hits the spot ~

This is one of those. These little savory bites are just perfect with your favorite cold drink. I had nearly forgotten about the recipe until recently when I was going through my mom's recipe boxes. This evoked memories of some happy times and I'm so pleased to share the recipe with you!

My mother adapted this recipe from one of Marcella Hazan's by making them mini-size and sometimes adding herbs to the batter, then showering them with flavorful garnishes while still warm. They are delicious plain but I do like to make them mom's way too.

This time I made them plain (no extra herbs in the batter) but added snipped chives, some shreds of Parmesan and a sprinkle of Piment d'Espelette (or cayenne pepper) to finish.

Even if you're not fond of frying, the good news is that these are fried in just 1-inch of the vegetable oil of your choice; and they take just a moment to fry.

They are best served right away, but in a pinch you can make them about an hour or so ahead, then reheat in a 350*(F) oven for a few minutes to warm & crisp them up.

They are just a little something special to serve as an appetizer, and we really are fond of them. If you try them, I hope you enjoy them too.

For a printable copy of the recipe, you will find it on my recipe site~

click HERE.

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  1. splendide foto!! meravigliosa ricetta! complimenti!

  2. These little babies look so yummy. I love fried foods, but they must always be paired with a vegetable. otherwise I'll feel a big blob of oil myself.

  3. Cute as buttons and so prettily presented Mary~ Love your mom's recipes.

  4. very cute, looks like the wee chicks laid their eggs, and of course you feed them chives for that built in flavor, my kind of cooking!

  5. Love your blog. These looks delicious and being a Southern girl, I simply must eat some fried food occasionally! I would like to think that the Pellegrino water cuts the fat:)

  6. I rarely fry either, but these do look sooo good. Love your setting.

  7. These sound delectable. I do love a bit of crunchy goodness.

  8. Oh my goodness and here I am trying as hard as I might to be good!
    These look fabulous and I can imagine how wonderful they would be with an ice cold Vodka martini!

  9. Don't those look good. If I made those I would want to eat them all.

    Another great recipe Mary.

  10. These look like a wonderful appetizer - with only one problem. I would eat the entire bowl!

  11. Oh gosh perfectly golden brown!

    I'd love it if you would follow my project. It is titled "Peasant Girl" and features my attempt at changing the eating habits ingrained in me as a modern American woman.


  12. The fritters look amazing. I wante to see the inside of them!! Lovely photos.

  13. omg these looks soo good. I want to make it this weekend

  14. These photos are really beautiful, and, of course, the fritters sound wonderful.

  15. As always they sound so good and your pics just set the scene...they make even fried food seem light.

    Wonderful idea and it's nice they remind you of your mom. I often wonder what foods will remind my kids of me...

    Thanks Mary!

  16. Tes photos sont à couper le souffle:))xxx

  17. I'm pretty sure I could live with the guilt if I had these to eat, grins.


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