Progress on the Hen House and Two more chicks...

I promised I would share progress of the chicken house we're building (well actually, Mr. OUaP is doing the building. I just advise & critique).

If you're like me, photos of buildings under construction aren't that interesting, so I'll make this brief. I can't wait for it to be completed, and I'll share it as soon as it finshed.

This area was formerly a playground, with a large rustic wooden swing set, an elevated structure (a fort or a fairytale castle, depending upon the day) accessed by a ladder, and a wonderful slide.
Nearly 20 years old, the play area provided plenty of happy times, but over the years the structure's integrity had become compromised, so it was time to dismantle it.
It's the site for the new hen house.

The structure for the Hen House is 6' x 8', it will have a hardware wire enclosed pen/run of 15' x 16'.

The decomposed granite for the run being delivered, a tight squeeze for the dump truck. (You wouldn't have been able to see this view for the foliage so I took the picture, standing in the tub in the upstairs master bath for a better view.) :D

Framed with roof in place. The chicken's door will be the opening to the left of the ladder.

The human's door side of the building.

The electricity has yet to be wired, insulation, interior walls, and flooring must be installed, then roofing & gutters, siding and trims.
I'll try not to bore you with more pictures of the remainder of the work until it is all complete.
~ And the last two chicks ~
The last two chicks added to the flock are
Ameraucanas (a breed developed in the 1970's), similar to Auracanas. Ameraucanas are easier to breed as there are no complications due to lethal genes as with the Auracanas.

Like the Arucanas and Easter Eggers, these Ameraucans will lay pastel colored eggs; either blue, green, pink, or light brown:

Photo: BackyardChickens.com

I named this one 'Sugar'.

And here is her sister~ 'Truffle':

They have beautiful markings on their backs and wings, but I couldn't capture them very well ~ maybe later.

These two have been very gentle so far, and peep very quietly...
however all of this may change as they mature. ;)

If you are interested in keeping chickens, you may want to look into
Chicken L.O.R.E.* at the Backyard Chicken Site.

*Chicken Laws & Ordinances and your Rights and Entitlements
A project to attain the goal of "A Chicken In Every Yard"
Thank you for stopping by to visit today.


  1. This looks like grand fun. I can't wait to see it when it's done. Those little chickies are so darling. Fun.
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday

  2. fabulous, i love construction pics, the end product is fun, but so is the process~

    how is the wee one, i have been afraid to ask...

    hope all is well, we were 38 degrees this morn, freaky for our neck of the woods, more rain this weekend... we sound more like the pnw then you!

    my iris have always peaked april 15, soooooooo not happening this year, and with dogs, i may never see them anyway.

    happy egg building, it looks like loads of fun, they are little beauties too~

  3. Sweet little chics! And your hen house is going to be marvelous!!

  4. I just adore your pretty little chickens, they are wonderful, I love seeing their new home coming along, how sweet....

  5. Oh, I could look at these little chick pics all day...they are sooo cute! Thanks for sharing! Your hen house is gonna be great! Can't wait to see it! :-)

  6. Mari, Great chicken house, we have been talking about building a small one and raising our own chickens. Trying to decide if I want to take on the extra work while Mr. H is gone.

    We will see, love the little chicks.


  7. I just love the closeups of the chicks, it´s like easter postcards, very beautiful :)

  8. This is fascinating to me, I would love to have a couple chickens! Although I honestly don't know what's involved in keeping them healthy and happy. Your coop is coming along nicely, I look forward to your future posts,thanks for sharing!

  9. Your chicks are so so so so cute..Mary please don't send me one:) You know I would be overjoyed but Jacques would not.Restrain yourself♥

    Your hen house looks like the beginnings of our potting shed..when we built it..

    I thought it was neat building it and the structure was impressive..but it's the details in the end I enjoyed the most..I am anxious to see yours..
    I hope I am not rushing you..I bet you'll be in that tub a lot:)

  10. So adorable those little chicks. Love seeing projects progress over time. Alhtough for you, I'm sure it's not fast enough!

  11. The chicks are soo soo cute and your photos capture their little faces perfectly :) We recently built a chicken house but only for 4 chicks so it is much smaller!

    Keep up the good work with the blog, Mily x

  12. Your new little chicks are so adorable. I'm sure they'll feel right at home in the new chicken palace when they're ready to move in :o)

  13. Adorable chicks! Can't wait to see their house all completed!

  14. Aracaunas are the sprinters of chickens lol. When they get just a bit bigger they are FAST! One of sons is named Arik and he always got Aracauna chickies. :)

  15. Oh Mary, I love coming to your blog a number of times a day just too look at your beautiful little chicks.

  16. I love seeing the progress of your little (not so "little"!!) chicken abode. The little chicks are so precious... it would almost be nice if they would stay that way! :D But then you would miss out on those beautiful eggs...

  17. They are all so cute....but they will soon be big and you are going to have to start Mary's Egg Store!
    But they are so adorable...
    It is 95* here today...all my pansies pooped...crazy weather...we will still get another frost...we always do before Mother's Day!

  18. It is interesting to the hen house progress. A good sturdy home for the ladies.

    The peeps are precious fluffs of promise.

    The woodland of your home is lovely. I am reminded of my Aunt's home in the west edge of the Ocala National Forest in Florida. When I was a little girl it was my favorite place.

    You captured the soft pastel feel of Easter in your posts.

    I enjoyed everything.

  19. Oh I love the pictures and the seeing the progress. Please continue to post them.

  20. I just love the chick pictures...those babies are so cute. It looks as if the building is going along well. I'm trying to slip back into blogging a bit. I'm still helping with my mom in Florida, but she is now home and I have a little more free time. I miss reading all the blogs!


  21. Oh my goodness, it's too cute, it melts my heart! Love the blog, check out mine if you get a chance. God bless!

  22. Oh gosh! Sugar and Truffle are just to darn adorable! I really really wish I could have chickens! Cannot wait to see the finished coop. My aunt has chickens in Maine and she has all her "girls" named too. When she refers to them she will say "my girls..." too cute.

    ~ Tracy

  23. Can't wait to see the hen house!

  24. MY GOD... Mari...where do you live!! its like an enchanted forest/garden/heaven....and those pastel eggs are quite breathtaking ..for me at least..sigh.....:)

  25. Oh Mari the pictures of your chicks are breathtaking! They are so gorgeous! And sweet looking! You must be having so much fun with all these precious animals in your home!

  26. Not boring at all. The chicks are SOOO darn adorable! Can't wait to see their new home finished! The eggs are beautiful too! XO, Pinky

  27. Sweet, sweet, sweet, Sugar & Truffle, perfect names for those cute little chics. Love seeing the construction of their new home. Boy are they going to be spoiled little chickens, LOL!

    I just enjoy your blog so much, your tablescapes are always inspiring to me. I smile when I see some of your table wares and linens that I have in my collections also. You have very good taste. ;)

  28. Oh Mary, I am finally getting to spend some time online catching up with friends' blogs. Let me tell you, I am seriously jealous of your chickens and chicken house. Can't wait till we move out to the farm and get some of our own. I'll look forward to hearing about your progress!

  29. Oh my goodness, Mari - they are soooooooo cute!!!!! I love the photos you took of them... you could frame them.



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