French Lemon Cake with Strawberry Glaze

It's time for Foodie Friday ~ AND a Give-Away alert!

Yesterday for Tablescape Thursday I did a Mother-Daughter Tea.

And although my mom is no longer with us, I decided to make a cake that she used to make.

It's one of those that you can put together VERY quickly as it is mixed in the food processor.

After it is baked sweetened lemon juice is drizzled over the top, intensifying the luscious lemon flavor.

It can be served plain, and it's very good that way ~ but I wanted to dress it up a little so I added a Strawberry glaze, made with melted Strawberry jam, and then piped on a little whipped cream.

So simple, and so very good!

If you'd like the recipe, a printable copy is available on my 
recipe blog .

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Please check back in the next few days for news about my upcoming Give-Away ~ You're going to love it. It's going to be the most exciting one yet, as YOU (as the winner) get to choose the prize!

For more information about the dishes and accessories,
please click HERE to go to my Tablescape Thursday post.
Thank you for stopping by to visit ~ and have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone! xo


  1. Mary, I have lemon on my mind also! Your mom's cake looks wonderful:-)

  2. that jam makes it look killer good!

  3. I should know better by now to not go to Foodie Fri. while trying to lose weight:) This cake looks so good, can't wait to get the recipe tomorrow. I will use the strawberry glaze too! Lemon cake is my absolute favorite dessert!!!! XO, Pinky

  4. That looks like quite a luscious cake! I love the strawberry glaze!

  5. Oh my, pinch me, that looks divine! Mari, your photographs are just, just perfection!

    Great blog.


  6. The cake looks delicious but I also just love the beautiful cake stand you served it on!

    Best wishes,

  7. the cake looks so moist,delish and your table lovely. your mom would be so proud.

  8. This is beautiful...the cake, table, china, eveything! The cake looks so delicious and even more special that it is your mother's recipe.

  9. your cake look really tempting ! Have a nice weekend ahead.

  10. congratulations for the wonderful photos, I made a strawberry jam with Grand Marnier and wait for your recipe ....Have a wonderful we

  11. Wow....beautiful lemon favourite. Lobve the setting and all the crockery...fabulous!

  12. Oh my goodness, Mari!! I can't decide if I love the cake or the beautiful dishes & cake stand more. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom, to make HER cake for a Mother/Daughter tea. It looks delicious & is so beautifully presented. Thank you for the recipe!

    I checked with a landscaper nearby & he wanted $220 for him to deliver a Myer lemon tree!!!!!!!!!!! I said "no thanks...I'll just buy the lemons!" Of course, neither of my local grocery stores HAD Myer lemons. :/

  13. The jam is just melted jam? Spread to absolute perfection? Love "Le Look"~
    Mary do those cups match the mug I sent you moons ago? Moons and moons agao..? It looks similar?

  14. Gorgeous cake and table! I'm in love with Chintz. Can't wait to try the recipe, it looks amazing.

    Have a beautiful, relaxing weekend

  15. Oh I really like the strawberry glaze. So many fun ways to use it. Clarice

  16. OMG just send me a piece...ok?
    That looks so good!

  17. Mary ~ Your blog is always so beautiful. The cake looks lovely. I harvested the rest of my Meyer lemons this morning, have them in a bowl on my table. I may need to make this cake tomorrow!

    Julie (old exchange buddy)

  18. As good as the cake looks it is the china that has me drooling.Your bouquet is beautiful too.


  19. I think this may be my favorite set of your pictures ever! I am so partial to chintz. Really it's all so pretty.

  20. Lemon or strawberries, I don't know which I like more. Fortunately with this recipe you don't have to choose.

  21. Mari, the Mother's Tea is beautiful. The colors of spring and Provence are spread about your table in such an inviting way. The cake looks delicious. I'd so like to sit down with you a sip a cup of tea.

    Thank you for another lovely post.


  22. Always a delight to visit, thanks for the cake recipe, I so love lemon cake. The strawberry glaze sounds perfect.

  23. This cake and the china are delightful; very Victorian-looking; I found myself puckering my lips at the thought of that tangy strawberry glaze and lemon taste! Yum!

  24. Everything is so beautiful; I could feel tears of awe welling up inside me. Gosh, this is a fabulous post!

  25. That cake is fabulous! And I love the strawberry glaze.

    Your tea service is exquisite and the flowers made me smile. Really, such lovely photos!

  26. Mari that cake looks so good. My favourite kind of cakes are those with red jam..yes so long theyre red I 'll love it. And what beautiful tableware too and colors of the flowers....I LOVE the 3rd photograph from the top... by the looks so cozy and fresh and romantic. sigh tq for sharing your beautiful work.

  27. What a wonderful and beautiful spring time cake Mari! Save me a slice:D


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