Petite & Moist Banana Cake with Creamy Orange Frosting and Toasted Coconut

We celebrated a birthday at our house over the weekend so I made a tiny layer cake, using two 5-inch x 3-inch Cheese Cake Pans.

We don't have cakes very often anymore so I wanted this one to be very special; a nice moist cake with an essence of orange based frosting. With delicately crunchy toasted coconut (far superior to that tough, flavorless pre-toasted stuff you get from the store.)

You can probably surmise that we like a generous amount of frosting,
(as long as it is not too sweet.)

This is one of my all-time favorites ~ cream cheese based; smooth and creamy. This time I flavored it with a little vanilla and orange extracts, and a bit of orange zest; from the super-fine microplane grater .

Delicate frosting with a creamy, silky orange flavor.
Think 50-50 or Dreamcicle.

Little tendrils of orange, from my favorite garnish zester

It made turning another year older... a little easier to take. :)

If you would like printable copies of the recipes for the cake and frosting you can find them on the Once Upon a Plate recipe blog by clicking HERE.

Thanks for coming by today, friends!


  1. Mouth-watering!
    All my favorites, banana, orange, coconut and the magic word 'creamy'!
    Sounds wonderful!

    Happy Birthday!
    All best wishes to you!

  2. AWESOME!!! I love the frosting recipe and the addition of toasted coconut sounds DELICIOUS!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mari! I like how you've been cooking with portion control in mind. Way better than having this delicious cake around until two people decide to finish it!

  4. whoa momma come to me baby! that cake looks SUPER! glad you had a happy bday and glad you saved us a bite of cake~

  5. You made it again! The cake looks enticing!

  6. What a beauty of a cake...I have those little pans too...I must try them for a petite cake...
    Happy Birthday sweet friend!

  7. That is such a gorgeous cake!! I love the super thick frosting :)

  8. This is beautiful and it sounds really good. I am amazed at how perfect it looks!


  9. OMG...How darn cute is this cake, it is so cute and sounds so good.

  10. This looks so yummy! I would have never thought of the combination but am anxious to try it, thanks!

  11. Thank you so much for your comments, friends.

    And thanks for the sweet birthday wishes! ((hugs!!))

  12. So pretty! I love the orange tendrils - reminds me of a little girl's ringlets! :)

  13. Hi Mari,
    Happy Birthday! I would love to join you for some of that cake.


  14. You won my heart with "orange", grins. This cake looks so dreamy good! I really like the idea of orange, coconut, and banana flavors partnered in a delectable little cake.

    Hope you have many happy birthday memories to cherish and wishes come through throughout the year.

  15. Now that is what I call a perfectly constructed cake! The dome is adorable. it reminds me of a little circus tent ...:)) I too like a frosting that is not too sweet and banana cakes are one of my favourite cakes ...Im definitely checking out this recipe esp for the frosting !TQ so much.

  16. I absolutely love this. I love all things mini! The cake looks great.

  17. Beautiful cake on a beautiful plate!

  18. Delish, wish I had a piece right now xoxox Clarice

  19. Thank you for your sweet comments and birthday wishes ~ you all are the BEST! ((hugs)) ~m.


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