Caramelized Onion and Jarlsberg Cheese Puff Pastry Squares

Well, it is not a Pissaladière, not exactly a Quiche,
I would say it's more of a savory tart.

And very good for a lighter meal (not lighter in
calories though!)  It's one of those dishes you can make
when the cupboards are practically bare.

If you make it, please note that your proportions of ingredients
 will vary, depending upon the dimensions of your pan.
 I was going for a rather thin layer of filling, so I chose
the shallow tart pan. Here's a brief description of
how I put it together:

I placed a sheet of puff pastry in the square tart pan,
docked it on the bottom only, and baked blind, until
a little over half way done. Then I removed it from the
oven and allowed it to cool slightly on a cooling rack.

Meanwhile, I sliced an onion thinly, and caramelized
them in a skillet in a little butter and olive oil, cooking
slowly so the sugars in the onions turned a beautiful
golden brown and the onions were very tender.

Next I "painted" the partially baked crust with a thin layer of
Dijon mustard and distributed the onions evenly over the 
mustard coated crust, then sprinkled a few fresh thyme leaves, 
and a couple of grinds of freshly ground black pepper over.  
I added a generous amount of grated Jarlsberg cheese (from Norway),
or a Swiss-type cheese over the onions and thyme.

To make the custard, I whisked a couple of eggs with a little half & half 
(you can use cream or whole milk) 
and carefully poured it over the cheese until it almost
reached the top edge of the partially baked pastry crust.
The filling will puff up while it bakes, so it's better to 
under-fill than over-fill.

I baked it off in a 350ºF preheated oven (center rack)
until the cheese was melted and beginning to brown,
and the custard filling was just set.

Allow to cool slightly, then cut with a sharp knife,
serve up and enjoy while still warm.

Served with a salad of greens and a good vinaigrette, it
makes a fine, simple little meal and is budget friendly, too.
You can also cut into smaller portions to serve as


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  1. Mari, how absolutely beautiful and I know, delicious. This is one I will definitely try. Thanks for sharing your table.

  2. omg mouthwatering... you are right, such basic ingredients, yet i never think to create such a fabulous transition... must make this soon, its the perfect meal for warm weather, ok, cold too! gorgeous shots!

  3. Hi Susan, good to see you here! Hope your summer is going well.

    Hello Jain, I go for EASY, especially during the summertime . . . you know I live pretty far away from town (as you do when you're @ SeaDream), nice to have something that you can make from practically nothing.

    If temps are hot It's good to bake early in the AM, then when you want it later either stick it in the oven for a few moments to warm ~ or zap it for a couple of seconds (I think the puff pastry tastes better a little bit warm.)

    Tap, tapping my foot for the UPS man, waiting for Friday! :D

  4. Hello Ann! Thank you very much ~ hope you're staying cool in beautiful B.C.

  5. Gosh, that is beautiful.


  6. So appetizing:) What's not to love? PPastry.. caramelized onions..cheese..Dijon..C'est bon!

  7. What a beautiful tart! Anything with Jarlsberg cheese gets my vote!

  8. Be still my heart - this looks so delicious. I have such a weakness for cheese.

  9. Velva, *blush* Thank you!

    Monique, such a nice comment, merci! I hope you are getting some sunshine ~ your gardens look beautiful, sun or not.

    Kate, me too! I actually like it better than the "Swiss" cheese I can get here. Thank you for your comment!

    Ms Lemon, oh ~ your comment gave me a big grin! Yes, cheese (and a few other things) are my downfall! :)

  10. This looks like heaven, my ultimate dream meal! Thanks for the explicit instructions, I'll be making this for dinner soon!

  11. Thank you Jenna and Rosaria ~ your comments make my day!

  12. Mari, I love anything with Carmelized onions. Would adore this! xo

  13. Hi Debbie! Me, too! Love caramelized onions. I wish you were here to share some of this with me. xo

  14. This looks delicious and a recipe I would like to prepare soon. As you mentioned, when it is so very hot those lighter dinners although not lighter in calories but they are preferable when you don't want to heat up your kitchen in the afternoon. They don't taste heavier either and when it's hot you do not want to have something that tastes so very heavy.

    I did read on Michael Lee's blog about Lavender Week. Not sure exactly what that means? Does it mean cooking things with lavender. Mine is not even blooming yet or does it mean anything the color of lavender because if it does I do have an awesome "something" to share that I have never shared on my blog or with anyone. Or is it sharing a table setting using lavender, the color or the plant. I was somewhat confused. I'm sure that will be cleared up soon.

    This recipe sounds awesome.


  15. Hello Carolyn~ Thank you for stopping by!

    Our Lavender Week is going to be pretty much free-form, so almost anything goes. It will be a surprise to me as well to see what the other Novel Bakers will be doing ~ I'm sure it will be fabulous though and I hope you'll stop by each of their blogs.

    Thank you again for your comment. xo


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