Lavender Week with the Novel Bakers ~ A Bonus Post . . .

Since we at the Novel Bakers are posting about Lavender
this week, I thought I would share two older posts
that I did some time ago using lavender.

The first is the Lavender Blossom Martini you can find the
original post HERE.


And then one of my ALL-TIME favorite recipes
 for homemade ice cream ~ Lavender-Blueberry,
which the Novel Baker organizer ~
Jain @ a quiet life blog introduced us to
a few years ago. 

Oh my, it's a fabulous
recipe and I'm quite sure you'll love it too.

You can add less lavender if you're not
sure you'll like it, or add more if you know
you love it!  

Lavender-Blueberry Ice Cream

See you back here Wednesday with some
all new (for me) Lavender Recipes with the Novel Bakers.

Happy Tuesday, friends!



  1. OH YEAH! 2 oldies but goodies, i have the ice cream post coming today too, we look like we made them on different planets! if you had to line up from ice cream served by me or you, hands down you line would be around the block for hours! but they both taste fabulous ;-)

    i remember when you first shared the martini, omg it was stunning to me then, like it is NOW!

    loving our lavender immersion, fun fun fun!

  2. I have made that ice cream:)
    It was heavenly..
    But I have to tell you your photos of it are stellar..
    Hope you share at FG and TS..everyone should see!
    Love the lemonade bottle too..
    So cute..

  3. Mari,

    I would really like to try your martini. I use to have a source for the Lavender syrup and loved it but don't any more. I checked Amazon too and didn't see it. Is there a website mentioned on the side of the bottle?

    Am enjoying your Lavender week!


  4. Lavender Love! Your photos are amazing...the color of your Lavender-Blueberry Ice Cream makes me swoon! Such frozen perfect scoops and served in a beautiful cup to add to the enjoyment! Hurray for lavender week & Jain :)

  5. These are new-to-me posts, and I am delighted to find them. I desperately need a martini after weeding (we HATES poison ivy, nasty hobbitses) all afternoon. And I am in love with the color and texture of your lavender ice cream. If I have the ingredients, I'm so making this tonight. Thanks for this joyful post, Mari. xx


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