Lavender Week with the Novel Bakers!

Welcome to Lavender Week with the Novel Bakers.
This week we have a special guest joining us:

Pam from Sidewalk Shoes!


We'll be posting about Lavender on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
of this week, I hope you'll enjoy what we have to share.

Here is one of the books that inspired us:

(click the image to learn more)

The first recipe I made was from the book~
"Grilled Lavender Honey Breast of Chicken"

Of course, as is my way, I had to tweak it a bit.

I didn't have boneless chicken breast halves with skin,
so I cubed the boneless chicken and marinated in the delicious citrus
and lavender honey glaze, 

then skewered the chicken chunks, ribbon-candy style with
prosciutto, and grilled the skewers. 

If you don't care for the look of charred skewers, of course you'll
plan ahead and soak them in water before loading the ingredients.  :)

We really enjoyed the flavor the marinade added;
 made with vinegar, lavender honey, fresh lemon zest and juice
along with fresh lime juice and finely ground culinary Provence
lavender buds, a little olive oil and salt and pepper.

I served it as an appetizer course and it quickly disappeared.

I would definitely make this one again, either this way or
as the original recipe suggests~ boneless chicken breasts
with skin-on as a main course.

It was declared a winner.
Thumbs up!


We're still harvesting our blueberries, so
in keeping with the Lavender theme, I served
the skewers with Blueberry-Lavender Spritzers ~
you can serve them as the recipe suggests spiked with vodka,
but I found they were equally delicious sans the vodka. The
choice is yours.

I think the combination of blueberries and lavender is absolutely
heavenly ~ whether in this luscious Lavender-Blueberry Ice Cream,
(from many, many posts ago), or in this delightful liquid concoction.

It is an easy one to make ahead. First you make the blueberry-lavender
simple syrup (can make it up to a week ahead and keep it in
the refrigerator.)

When you're ready to make the drinks, just put ice cubes in the glasses,
add some of the blueberry-lavender simple syrup, then 
pour the remaining ingredients over.

Garnish with a stem of lavender, a sprig of lemon verbena (or lemon balm)
and a slice of lime.

For an added treat, freeze some blueberries and float them in

the drinks.

Such a refreshing beverage on a hot day!


Not feeling in the blueberry mood? 

Then you might want to try this recipe from Elise
@ Simply Recipes (I love her blog!)

Lavender Lemonade

I first tasted this at a local restaurant about 10 years ago.
It's been a favorite ever since.


I'll have all of the recipes I share during Lavender Week
posted on my recipe blog on Friday.
(I'll share the links on Friday.)

A few tips about lavender~ 

Thought to have first been cultivated in the Mediterranean regions,
lavender is easy to grow, and grows in poor soil where
other plants may fail.

Lavender's uses include: 

Landscaping, crafts, floral decor, culinary,
personal care, including therapeutic applications.

Both the flowers and the foliage of lavender
are intensely aromatic and the flowers
range in color from blue, very dark purple, pink,
white and yellow depending upon the variety.

English lavender and Provence lavender are
the two types most usually used in

A little lavender goes a long way in recipes,
so it's best to start with a light touch, adding
more if you like a more pronounced flavor and aroma.


Please come along and see the treats the Novel Bakers
have in store for you during Lavender Week!

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Thank you for stopping by today, friends.

Please come back on Wednesday, we have lots more to share!


  1. Lovely! I'm so excited to be participating with you all this week!

  2. such lovely dainties but feel honeyed lavender skewers are just out of the world, moist and perfect :-)

  3. How absolutely beautiful, Mari! I had been on the fence about the blueberry beverage, but after seeing your pictures, I'm making it this week. What a great idea to make kabobs--they look so enticing! I sent you a trio of lemony things--did you get my email? I'm wishing you a lovely lavender week!

  4. Hurray for Lavender Week~ I adore your artistic rendering of the lavender basket watercolor! My taste buds are tingling for your skewers of chicken with prosciutto...and with the lavender honey marinade, sweet and salty perfection! I'll take a spiked Blueberry-Lavender Spritzer to wash it down with please! Looking forward to more delicious treats :)

  5. I AM IN LOVE with your watercolor..somehow I knew would paint like this..Oh my gosh what have you been waiting for?

    The brochettes look good too as well as the beverage..
    I see your posts later as they come to my feed later..I'll just never wait I will just come:)
    So you this post.

  6. What a beautiful watercolor of lavender. I admire your talents!
    The chicken brochettes are one I want to try, and with a refrigerator full of blueberries, I need to make that refreshing drink. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Found you via Sidewalk Shoes. I am interested in the Novel Bakers. Is that a website, a group of friends? I am adding you all to my list of blogs to read!!

  8. oh my oh my oh my... be still my heart, can you hear the little pitter patter of joy with your painting? beyond sweet, charming and adorable. oy this is a creative group!

    and your chicken... mine is coming up this week, they don't even like the same food group photowise :-( i am so hungry i almost put off coming to your blog this morning until i grabbed breakfast, but when i saw your artwork i was so enchanted my hunger faded away. now this pic has me screaming for a moist delicious bite... and they way you have the shot its like we could almost suck the bites right off the end of the skewers. did you do that on purpose to drive us extra wild?

    ok, i just glanced at the blueberries and groaned, i HAD to get something to eat, i couldn't go on with my mouth watering and craving a sip and a bite any longer... what gorgeous photos, i only wish i had fresh blueberries out my door to satisfy this craving. i adore blueberries and lavender, it is the perfect pairing...

    so beautiful mary, a delicious and gorgeous lavender filled morning with you, does it get any better?

    ps reading the art forger, since you are harboring this little artistic side, its great, look for it on your kindle nearest you ;-)

  9. What a perfect way to unwind after a long day! Wish I had one of each right now:@)

  10. Thank you all for taking the time to leave comments!
    You all are the best cyber-friends a person could have, and I'm grateful for each of you! xoxo

  11. Oh wow - I'm completely blown away by your watercolor. Wow - Wow - Wow! Stunningly beautiful.

  12. Mari, it doesn't surprise me that you can add watercolor to your list of talents! What a fun and fragrant week this will be on your blog. xo

  13. Hi Debbie! What a nice compliment ~ thank you so much. ((hugs!))

  14. I am so thrilled to have found the Novel Bakers, every post is such a exceptional experience in photography, recipes and the written word~thank you so much for sharing all of your creative talents~


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