Steak House Style Creamed Spinach

If you like creamed spinach you know how good it tastes, trying to make it LOOK appealing is something else entirely..... :)

And if you don't like it, you'll probably want to skip this post entirely..... :p

This version is my favorite, it's very similar to the kind served at Ruth Chris' Steak House; perfect with grilled steaks, roast chicken, or roasted meats. But it's also vegetarian friendly.

Like many cooks I usually add a little fresh nutmeg to most cooked spinach dishes and this one is no exception. But I also add minced shallot, a bay leaf and one whole clove to lend an interesting nuance to the usually plain tasting dish.

I like to serve it in individual au gratin dishes for neater serving on the plate. Sometimes I sprinkle with finely grated Parmesan and place under the broiler.
The broiled cheese finish firms it up a bit for those who may be squeamish about the texture of plain creamed spinach.

If you would like a printable copy of the recipe, please click HERE.

If you're still with me... thank you for stopping by today!


  1. Mari- I love creamed spinach and you did a very good job of making it pretty too :) I have never put nutmeg in mine but I know lots of greek recipes do contain nutmeg. I might have to throw in a touch of garlic, but I am definitely going to try it! Thank you!!

  2. Yes, I'm still here ;) I love spinach any way! If anybody could make creamed spinach look beautiful, you can Mari!

  3. How beautiful this dish is. I love spinach any way it's done, so I will definately try this version. Thank you so much for the recipe..

  4. Creamed spinach is well received here, big YUM! Good idea to put it in single serving dishes. Beautiful presentation!

  5. Mari, I love this cream spinach. Everytime I have been to Ruth's Steak House I usually get a double order. Many thanks for posting this incedible recipe!

  6. We are not big fans of spinach unless in a soup but I really love your presentation. The pictures are wonderful.

  7. I love spinach any way, shape or form. This looks fantastic and I think you did a great job of making it look much prettier than it usually looks!

  8. Yay, there are more spinach lovers than I thought!

    Thank you everybody for your comments.

  9. I have never tried creamed spinach but the way u set it up makes me want to. And it helps that my fave color is green :)

  10. Never tried this...Looks pretty and healthy...

  11. Beautiful Mari! I'll be sure to try this - Happy 2010!

  12. Yummmy Miss Mary...I made almost the same dish for Christmas...nutmeg and all....went so well with our Prime Rib...I did make a gratin out of it though...a little Gruyere never hurt anyone!lol...
    Love your pics...i would love to dive right in one of those bowls!
    Happy New Year my friend!

  13. We had spinach at our Christmas dinner. I love it and I'll add this to my list. Cooked spinach is actually healthier in some ways (less oxalic acid than raw), and so I am always looking for different recipes and I'll try yours.

    Thanks Mari.



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