Caramel Popcorn with Fleur de Sel

I first learned of the basic recipe for this utterly delicious caramel popcorn from my friend Em on her blog The Repressed Pastry Chef. Em's blog was one of the very first I began following, even before I started blogging myself ~ it still remains a favorite.

Unlike some caramel popcorn recipes this one does not require a candy thermometer, you just mix and boil the simple caramel ingredients for 5 minutes, then stir in a little baking soda and vanilla and pour the mixture over the popcorn, place in the oven and slow roast, stirring occasionally until the corn is evenly coated and nicely crisped.
I am not a huge fan of caramel popcorn, but I LOVE this version.
Crispy and light, not heavy or sticky. I think you might love it, too.

The recipe calls for peanuts (an optional ingredient), I used pecans this time. You could use most any nut you like.

The popcorn made according to the recipe is delicious, and is not overly sweet. Since I tend to prefer salty tastes over sweets, I took the liberty of sprinkling the finished caramel popcorn with Fleur de Sel. Perfection!

This is a delightful snack and makes a nice little gift at holiday time, too.

If you would like a printable copy of the recipe you can find it
HERE on my recipe blog.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate !

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  1. This looks easy enough for me to try. ;-) Thanks for the recipe.

    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


  2. Oh Mari! This sounds de-lish and your photos are soooo beautiful!!! You are my idol!! I also love you coconut topped cupcakes!

  3. Mari, yummy! Looks delicious and I LOVE the way you display your goodies. You make it look irresistible!!!!

  4. Mari, EVERYTHING you make is beautiful! I know I would love this caramel corn since I love adding fleur de sel to sweets! I am definitely going to try this out for New Year's Eve!

  5. Indeed everything you make is beautiful! this looks so amazingly mouth watering!:)

  6. Oh boy I would have a really hard time not sitting down and eating the whole recipe worth...
    This looks really fabulous!

  7. You can even make popcorn look haute cuisine. You're amazing, Mari!

  8. He's so cute too Mary~

    I bet my little ones would go right for your popcorn~

  9. I'm not a big popcorn fan so would be picking out every single caramel covered pecan in the bowl.

    And what a festive gift in a cello bag tied with a big red bow.

    Blessings of the season to you and your family, Mari.

  10. Caramel corn with a touch of sea salt. Oh My! I can't wait to give this a try. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!!

  11. This looks and sounds incredible! It would be a stunning treat to serve for the holidays, or given as gifts! Merry Christmas!

  12. WAdorable snowman...great presentation for a special treat!

  13. caramel corn is my fave! thanks for sharing this recipe!! :D

  14. I prefer salty to sweet, too. This looks beautiful!

  15. YUM! Yes, I think that might satisfy my salt cravings!

    Merry Christmas!
    Happy New Year!
    All the best,

  16. Great, I finally get around to making one of the million recipes of yours that I have marked, and I'm feeling all proud of myself, and now here is this. Another one to add to my list!

  17. What a great idea...and your pics are so so delicious! We love popcorn at our house and we also love sweet. Just happen to keep the Camargue Fleur de Sel as a staple, too. Sounds like a perfect holiday treat...Happy Holidays to you and your family and thanks for all of the cheer and goodness you have brought into my life!


  18. just popping to wish you a very merry christmas and to thank you for sharing at food with style. hope your power lasts and you have a wonderful day, we are off to the beach, brr! i always think of that rogue wave that knocked you over in your pink sweater!

  19. This sounds de-lish and your photos are soooo beautiful!!! You are my idol!! I also love you coconut topped cupcakes!

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  20. Oh my gosh I LUV caramel popcorn. I can't stay away from it. Yours looks too tempting and irresistible; I would have to eat it until I exploded, I think.

    Beautiful pix!


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