Lamb Chops with Lemon, Rosemary and Vine Leaves

Lamb Chops. You either love them, or don't.
If you do like lamb you might enjoy chops prepared this way.

Paired with a fine red wine, I think it is one of my favorite dinners.

This time quickly seared with lemon slices and rosemary. Vine leaves make an interesting and edible garnish. I served with creamy mashed potatoes and vibrant green grape seed oil, and a generous sprinkling of coarse sea salt.

The leaves are edible and mildly flavored ~ they crumble delicately when touched with a fork; delicious with the mashed potatoes.

The grape leaves were from our grape vines, gathered last week~ before the killing freeze, but if you don't have access to fresh grape leaves you can substitute leaves in brine from the jar. If you use fresh, make sure they are organically grown and without chemical pesticides.

The original recipe is another from one of my favorite cookbook authors ~

Donna Hay.

I've been preparing a lot of Donna's recipes lately as you may have noticed, they never disappoint. Straightforward preparation, healthy clean flavors, simple presentation and best of all ~ delicious.

Donna suggests using fresh oregano leaves, but my oregano has died back for the winter so I substituted fresh rosemary ~ no problem with availability as it is winter hardy in my zone. She serves the potatoes with olive oil instead of grape seed oil, I think it is tasty with either one.

I've posted the recipe on my recipe blog.

if you would like a printable copy.

Thank you for stopping by, and any comments you would like to share.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Mari ~ What a spectacular looking dinner! Awesome flavors using wonderful ingredients. My kind of meal... thanks.

  2. Looks delish:) The plate? One of my all time faves:)C'est toujours beau Mary!

  3. I'm a don't love it...but, I do love looking at this plate. I've never seen leaves done like that...nor oil on the potatos. This is art!

  4. Gorgeous presentation! I love the idea of the green grape seed oil in the well of the mashed potatoes- I will have to try this.
    Oh, I can only dream of aspiring to your talent!

  5. Absolutely breathtaking and so creative! You always impress, Mari. This turns a simple meal into a visual feast.

    The plate is familiar...I was given the same plate by a bistro owner in Paris...I only have one.


  6. Mari, this is my kind of lamb dish...rosemary, garlic and those crispy grape leaves...bravo!

  7. Mari, I love love lamb! And the vine leaves look just golden autumn leaves. Beautiful setting too!

  8. Your plate is gorgeous....I have never eaten lamb before but this dish looks wonderful.

  9. I am a lover...that is also one of my favorite meals...
    I also love your plate...but then I love all of your plates!
    Beautiful meal my friend!

  10. I love lamb and this looks like a wonderful meal! Beautiful plate, too!

  11. Mari, oh my gosh, what beautiful, mouthwatering, photos. That meal would be perfect for the finest occasions.

  12. How could anyone not lamb especially when it is so nicely cooked and presented? A very mouthwatering post for sure.


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