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This is my selection for Tyler Florence Fridays this week.

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I was looking for a light, easy to prepare dinner on a warm summer evening and came across this recipe of Tyler's ~ this looked like it would fit the bill perfectly.

Not wanting to make a trip into town to the store for a couple of the ingredients, I made some minor changes which I've noted below.

His recipe is quite similar to our favorite tuna salad; mayo, lemon juice, dill, cornichons, capers, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Tyler's version is served on a toasted "Everything" bagel, smeared with cream cheese, topped with Bibb lettuce leaves, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, then the tuna salad.

However, since I was using fresh basil leaves instead of lettuce in the sandwich I omitted the fresh tarragon his recipe calls for; and substituted snipped fresh chives instead as I think they compliment each other very well. I also roughly chopped the capers.

Again, wanting to avoid a trip to the store I substituted ciabiatta rolls for the bagels. I think the seeds and minced onions from the "everything" bagel would be delicious and I'll plan on trying it that way next time.

I used solid white albacore, packed in olive oil (well drained.)

One other note ~His recipe calls for three cups of canned tuna (for two servings?!) so I reduced the amount by half, allowing a generous amount for each sandwich, but still there was plenty leftover. I figure his sandwiches must be substanially larger than the ones I made.

All in all, it was a delicious sandwich which received thumbs-up around the table; I would definitely prepare this one again, next time on the 'everything' bagel, as well as with the tarragon and lettuce.

A printable copy of Tyler's recipe is available by clicking HERE.

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  1. This looks delicious, Mari! I love ciabatta anyway, so I could see it being great on that or the everything bagel.

  2. What a beautiful presentation that sandwich makes. Yum!!!

  3. That looks wonderful! Your pictures are beautful...great job! Denise@cottagesisters

  4. My gosh...your photos are stunning. Food is a hard subject to photograph but you, my dear one, have done it.

  5. That is a beautiful looking sandwich! And...your photography is fantastic. I really enjoy visiting your blog.
    Karen at Pine Cone Retreat

  6. Oh Mari...I want a tuna sandwich now!! You make it look as good as a piece of Filet Mignon...and I'll agree that your photography skills are amazing.....Sue at Rue Mouffetard

  7. Mari--This is not the tuna sandwich I have for lunch! This is a work of art. Thank you for elevating the lowly tuna sandwith to such heights!

  8. Mari, those are the most amazing photographs. Whoever said that food can't be photographed, needs to contact you. This is beautiful and looks delicious...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Looks and sounds WONDERFUL!!! I love tuna salad and this recipe looks delicious. THANKS!!! Geri

  10. This looks delicious. Your food presentation is so pretty. I have a feeling if I make it, it won't look that pretty. I'm going to go check the recipe. laurie

  11. Beautiful! And it looks so delicious. We love tuna sands around here and your ideas for ingredients are some I haven't tried. Your presentation is always so great too!
    Elaine :)

  12. Your pictures want me to have it for breakfast! It's 8 in the morning here you see!!

  13. I am going to make these for lunch on Sunday. I have almost everything in the house. Going to try the ciabiatta! Your photography is absolutely wonderful!

  14. It's one of my favorite sandwiches and this one looks fabulous (as usual)!!!

  15. What a beautiful presentation you have made. I had quite forgotten about tuna salad this summer. I still have time and many many tomatoes that I can stuff~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  16. Hi Mari,

    I just posted that acorn squash soup blog. Thank-you for letting me talk about you a bit and post your soup.


  17. That is the most beautiful Tuna Sandwich I have ever seen!

  18. What a beautiful blog you have! I just came over from the TFF blog and found your site. Welcome to TFF, love the tuna sandwich - it looks very yummy!

  19. Yum! I love a good tuna sandwich! As always your photos are beautiful- I'm jealous:)

  20. Love the presentation. Who knew a tuna sandwich could look so good?

  21. Tyler definitely overestimates serving sizes on occasion, so probably a good idea to reduce the tuna. I love your makeshift version of this - way to make do with what you have. Looks like a light and refreshing dinner.

  22. mmmmm. i love a good tuna sandwich and this looks GREAT! thank you for sharing.


  23. Lovely photos. There is nothing like a good tuna sandwich. Welcome to TFF!

  24. What incredible photos! Just gorgeous. I would love one of those sammies, in the garden, with a tall glass of lemonade. Please. :)


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