Stacked Pear Salads

Shared by a friend, from a magazine ~
when I saw it, I knew I wanted to make it!

This one is fun because you can play around with it by swapping out the various ingredients with whatever combinations sounds good to you.

The wow factor comes from slicing the upright pears horizontally; these pears were small so I sliced them into thirds; if you use larger pears you could slice into fourths.

The greens, cheese and nuts are tossed with a mild vinaigrette (I used raspberry vinaigrette) which holds the pear slices together when the pear is reassembled.

The original recipe called for blue cheese, which would be delicious ~ but since we're watching the fat I substituted the blue cheese with reduced fat Feta cheese.

After assembling, honey is drizzled over the pear. I placed each pear on an organic, non-sprayed grape leaf from the garden.

If you try this recipe, I hope you love it!

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  1. Oh yes, I remember these well when Kathleen unveiled this wonderful presentation. And when I served them at a dinner party, my friends were in amazement. That cracked me up, something so simple but elegant. Beautiful photos Mary!

  2. Almost too pretty to eat! Love the way this looks and will have to make it for my next party. Thank you! Gorgeous photos by the way!

  3. Just wanted to let you that last night I tried the upside down tomato tart and was delicious!...we also had the prosciutto wraps, but I used figs since my kids had not tried them yet. Success!! Next will probably fix the pear salad for after school snack...(it can't be for dinner since Husband hates cheese...bummer!!!Thank you so much for all the inspiration,

  4. What a presentation! That would definitely "wow" the guests! Gorgeous pictures.

  5. Oh boy those look delicious!! Your photos are amazing.
    ♥ Rebecca

  6. Looks like you're having fun 'stacking'. Great presentations on the pear and the wontons..and they sound tasty too.

  7. Mari, remind me again if you are using just your macro lens or a different one. Those images are stunning!! i"m also assuming you are using a tri pod?

  8. Great presentation!!!

  9. Clever and creative! Spectacular presentation :)

  10. Yours look great, Mari..thanks for the mention! :)

  11. wonderfull ! lovely photo !

    j'adoreeee !!! bravo...BYE

  12. So pretty and I'm certain delicious!

  13. Holy cow these are beautiful! This is easily one of the very best food presentations I've seen in a super long time! I am eating this with my eyes!!

  14. I should mention I have a word folder dedicated to just your recipes. I love them so much I want to be able to find them when I use them!

  15. It doesn't get any prettier than this!


  16. You have a beautiful blog I enjoyed all the inspiration.

  17. Thank you so much! It really is not difficult to assemble at all... and it looks so pretty.

    Thank you for stopping by to comment! ~Mari

  18. What a refreshing fruit salad. I loved the look.

  19. Hermosa presentacion, increible combinacion de sabores, fue un exito en mi cena de ayer.!!!
    Gracias por compartir la receta

  20. Thank you so much!
    What a beautiful presentation!

  21. I am so glad I found your blog! Being an artist I was immediately drawn to the painting on your home page and then all your fabulous pictures and creative presentations! I can't wait to wow everyone with the vertical pear salad for our Christmas Eve dinner. Question: Did you core the pears, and did you use a toothpick to secure?


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