As we are approaching our Thanksgiving holiday in this country, I'm thankful for the abundance of inspiration I find all around from other cooks and bakers, artists, decorators, gardeners and any person who pursues their passion in life.

The artisan-wood fire oven baked bread pictured above is from a unique bread bakery, located out in the country in a beautiful valley not far from my home. I was thinking about Dennis & Pat, the owners, and the inspiration their story tells to follow ones dreams. You can read about their story HERE , you might enjoy browsing around their beautiful website, too. Their breads are excellent, I always take a deep breath before cutting into each loaf because they are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. :)

There are so many bloggers that give me inspiration as well, so you probably can imagine how surprised, touched and happy I was to have been given this award ~

If you are not familiar with Honeyb's blog, I hope you'll go check it out and stop in to say hello. She always has something delicious cooking or baking on her beautiful blog, and she is so warm and friendly, and treats you as if you are an old friend.

Thank you so much for the award Honeyb, and thank YOU for the inspiration you give me. Your beautiful Rum-Glazed Banana Bundt Cake is calling my name. (Quick everybody, click to go see it!)
Now it's my turn to pass the award on to some other talented bloggers who inspire me...

Em, with her fabulous creations and photos at The Repressed Pastry Chef never fails to inspire me, she always has something delicious baking. Just go over to her blog and take a look around, as you'll see what I mean. Terrific job on designing your new blog space, too Em! It's beautiful.

Also, Sol from Memories in the Baking ! Treat yourself and go take a look at Sol's breathtaking blog and her GALLERY You'll immediately know what I mean. My words are inadequate, you must go see for yourself.

As well as my friend Jain from Once in a Blue Moon

~ click to be transported to a visual paradise. Not only can this woman create beautiful and wonderful food, she is a most talented writer, and take a look at her incredible gardens! Jain provides me with inspiration on so many levels.

It's not really fair to pass this award on to just 3, because I gather inspiration from almost every single blog I visit!


  1. mary thank you so much for honoring me. as you know i copy, i mean admire, everything you do! its nice you are willing to give your stalker an award! you are the whole kit and kaboodle and i have learned so much from you. thank you for sharing yourself daily, and for shining in the blog world and before!

  2. Mary I am having many computer woes:(

    I did post earlier..Love the pic..

    You deserve the accolades:)

  3. Mari! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful bakery so close to you! Their breads look amazing!
    Congrats on your award! You are so deserving--you inspire so many! I am always in constant awe!
    Your blog looks great and I love the new photo/painting at the top, and the large photos! Great job as always!
    Fondly, joan

  4. Congratulations Mari, and take a bow!

    I've been without access to a computer for almost a week and even though I got a lot of things done around the house [g], I have missed so much here.

    I'd like to thank you for this award, and add, you've left me speechless.
    You see, I am but just another groupie, who has been inspired by your photography, your beautifully-executed dishes, and your garden.
    Can you imagine if you hadn't left me speechless?

    Thank you dear!


Thank you for your comments, friends ~ they make my day!

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