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It's TUESDAY, so it's time for another Tuesdays With Dorie
aka TwD ~ (Dorie Greenspan).

This week's host is Isabelle of Les Gourmandises d'Isa

Isabelle chose Dorie's Rice Pudding recipe.
Thank you for hosting us Isabelle!

Dorie chooses to use arborio rice, the medium grained rice usually used for risotto.
I knew I had some Riso Carnaroli in the pantry for making risotto, I was hoping I could use it in the recipe to keep it true to what Dorie had in mind.

I wanted to make sure this type of rice was similar, and happily found that Deliaonline.com had this to say about Carnaroli rice:

Medium- and short-grain rice:
"Here the grains are not long and thin, but rounder and plumper. Italian risotto rice, sometimes called arborio rice, is superb,
or for the finest-quality risotto rice of all, look for the names carnaroli or vialone nano. In creamy, almost soupy risottos the rice is stirred, which releases some of the starch, and it is this that creates the lovely, smooth, creamy mass. The same kind of plump grain is used in Spain, and one of the finest varieties comes from the Murcia region and is called Calasparra, which is used to make paella, though here the grains are not stirred, so they remain firm and distinct but with a moist, creamy edge."


For 3 1/4 cups whole milk only 1/4 cup rice is added to make a rather soft rice pudding.

Some participants noticed that the rice/milk mixture was not thickening at the end of the 30 minute cooking time as directed in Dorie's Book "Baking From My Home to Yours".

Dorie was most helpful and let us know that there is a typo in the book and the cooking time should actually be increased to 55 minutes, so if you have the book you may want to make that notation about the increase in cooking time.


My disclaimer here (and if you love Rice Pudding, I apologize in advance) Rice Pudding is not my favorite. I realize I'm really not a "pudding person".

There is a variation in the book so you can make this chocolate flavored, or fold in some whipped cream. I simply added a small dollop of homemade raspberry jam.

This is probably a good version of rice pudding, but it didn't change my mind, I still prefer my Mom's Tapioca pudding over any other.

But don't allow me to spoil the experience for you. If you like rice pudding, you may like this version!

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  1. Yours looks beautiful with the jam!

  2. Just gorgeous! I have left you an award on my blog :)

  3. it's simply delicious. Your blog is gorgeus, I will be back soon to read your great receipe.
    Cookingmama (from Italy)

  4. Mary, I do like rice pudding! I have my mom's in her handwriting and I treasure it. Her grandchildren have fond memories of Nana's rice pudding, so for every family gathering I mix up this simple but comforting food...
    Yours looks excellent, very white.
    Mom's was laced with plump raisins and cinnamon...

  5. Hi ...
    first time to ur blog ..U gt a great blog ..Keep it up

  6. I love rice pudding. Looks yumm. Clarice

  7. Mari...this looks delicious!
    One of my husbands favorites...
    I also love tapioca...
    Those glasses look wonderful with the pudding in them...
    L xoxoxo

  8. This looks so thick and creamy! I love the addition of the raspberry jam!

  9. I love rice pudding, and yours looks absolutely fantastic, Mari! Would love it with the bit of jam!

    That I could do (although I can also get rice pudding at the take-out place!)

  10. Your pudding looks beautiful! Great job!

  11. Few desserts are as comforting as creamy rice pudding, and Mari, your yummy pictures brings back only happy memories for me.

  12. Rice pudding. My favorite. Mine never looks as delicious as yours though. Thanks for the serving tip!


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