Postcard from the Garden ~ End of July

Welcome Welcome to the Jardin des arcs.
This is my favorite spot for a cup of coffee, tea or fresh juice each morning.
It is very peaceful, yet there is so much bird, bee and colorful activity during the growing season, it is a joy to start the day here.


  1. i adore this shot... hello sally~

  2. "hello sally~"

    Oh MY, you CRACK me up!!

    And you know (all because of YOU) I have 3 more glorious Sally H's.

    Thank you so much for leading the way. I hope and wish mine grow as large and abundantly as yours do. :)

  3. Sally is looking beautiful there! She's one of my (and the Japanese Beetles) favorites too.

  4. Suz... Yes! Those little (innocent looking) beetles LOVE Sally, and the dahlias, sunflowers, hollyhocks, etc. etc. etc. :( There has been quite an infestation this year.


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