Those Fabulous Greek-Style Ribs

I've posted about these delicious ribs before
 it one of my favorite recipes for baby back pork ribs.
(I don't post pictures of them each time I make them
because we do have them rather frequently.)  :0)

As I explained in my previous post about
these succulent rib, I got the recipe from my friend
Ann of Thibeault's Table
--if you click the link you can get the recipe.

The method is quite simple ~ you make a
rub of salt, pepper, oregano, garlic, olive oil and lemon zest,
rub it into the baby back pork ribs and allow them to
rest in the refrigerator. If I have planned ahead I
do this the day before I am going to grill them, but
if you only have a few hours, that will do.

Shortly before grilling, squeeze lemon juice over
the ribs (don't do this part very far in advance or
the acid in the lemon juice will alter the texture of
the rib meat.)

Another thing that I always do to any ribs I am
going to prepare is to remove the tough membrane
from the bone side of the ribs. This allows the
rub/marinade to penetrate the meat more throughly,
and the membrane is not pleasant to eat anyway.

In this image I've already removed it ---  it can be stubborn, but if you begin at one edge and 
get it started it usually will peel off in one sheet. (You can use a dry kitchen cloth or paper towel
to assist in getting a good grip on the membrane.)

Then just grill as directed in the recipe~
you can also bake them in a 375º to 400º(F) oven.
(I like them best when grilled, but in a pinch . . .)

This time I served them with a Greek-style pasta salad;
Pasta, Feta cheese, Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, 
orange bell pepper, roasted eggplant, cucumber, purple onion and
parsley, tossed with a red wine vinegar vinaigrette.
I can make a meal out of the salad alone (sometimes I add
some grilled shrimp to the salad and serve it as a main course.)

I also made some Greek bread to go with the meal,
very good. The kind that's usually served at the Greek Festivals I've
attended. Soft, but not like 'bubble gum' bread. The sesame seeds are
optional but I always make one loaf with, and one without.
It's also good as sandwich bread and is marvelous toasted, too.  
I'll share that recipe in the next few days.

The rub/marinade is also really good on prawns,
fish and chicken, you only need to allow those to marinade
for 20 minutes to an hour before adding the lemon juice.

Thanks for stopping by ~
Bon Appetit!



  1. Mari, what a fantastic dinner! I love everything you're serving. Do you take reservations? Thanks for the great tip about the membrane too, I didn't know that.

  2. I can almost taste this. Love Thibeault's Table recipes also.

  3. They look and sound does the bread :) I ahve turned into such a bread person..could do without most of my life thinking calories etc.. I don't's a comfort food to me :)

  4. Oh Chris, thank you!

    Hi Madonna! Ann @ Thibeault's Table has been a real inspiration to me ~ she is actually the person that got me interested in food photography several years ago.

    Bonjour Monique, me too! I do love bread and it is comfort food isn't it? I've reached "that age" where it loves ME a little too much. Your talent with bread is amazing, I love all the different shapes you have shared with us through the years too.

    Thank you ladies!! Have a great week ahead. xo

  5. These ribs look so delicious...I think they will be on the menu this week...Your bread looks perfect!
    L xo

  6. Hi Linda! Oh, thank you. Ann's recipes are always delicious and reliable. I can take no credit, I just followed her recipe. :)

    The bread is really good, it must be a traditional recipe but I just began making it recently. The technique is different than any other bread I've made. I'll post about it soon. Thank you for stopping by! xo


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