Angel Eggs with Crème Fraîche

If you make Deviled Eggs you probably have a favorite recipe as I do, but this time I wanted to try them prepared just a little differently. I was intrigued when I saw the recipe from Tyler Florence's Wayfare Tavern incorporating Creme Fraiche into the whipped egg yolks. I had to leave out some of the stronger flavors from the recipe to make these more 'kid friendly', but never the less they were still fabulous.

So here is my take on deviled eggs as served in Tyler Forence's Wayfare Tavern located in San Francisco's financial district.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

At the Wayfare Tavern they are called Jidori Eggs (Jidori is the breed of Japanese hens which provide the eggs.) I simply use eggs from our chickens ~ and since I've never tasted a Jidori hen egg, I cannot tell you if there is any difference in flavor ~ but I rather doubt it. ;-)

At another of his restaurants, "Rotisserie & Wine" located in Napa, California a different version of deviled Jidori eggs are offered, but with maple, sherry, candied bacon and celery.

At the tavern the egg yolks are whipped and seasoned with mustard and crème fraîche then garnished with radish, celery and bottarga* crumbled over to finish. Evidently the Wayfare Tavern deviled eggs have had a bit of an evolution since the opening (or perhaps change according to the season) as I've seen different versions served. Sometimes garnished with fried capers instead of the bottarga.

I happen to like anchovies, however they are not popular with everyone at my house (I can imagine bottarga would not be appreciated either), so this time I omitted both the capers and the anchovies, as well as the bacon. And since bottarga isn't readily available to me, I omitted that as well.

You can see, I took some liberties when I made them this time. I left out the stronger flavors so everyone could enjoy them. (Naturally, if you omit one or all of the salty ingredients, you'll need to salt the yolk mixture to taste to compensate.) I grow sprouts so I garnished with little alfalfa sprouts ~more information below. I just love the little touch of freshness they add.

However, what puts these over-the-top is the addition of the Crème Fraîche; it makes the yolk filling taste lighter on the tongue (though not lighter in calories by any means!) 

If it sounds good to you, I hope you'll give it a try the next time you make Deviled eggs.

Incidentally, if Crème Fraîche isn't readily available where you live (or it is outrageously expensive), I've included the simple (2 ingredient) recipe for making your own, over on my recipe blog.


*Bottarga (Italian), also called Botargo (Spanish), Boutargue or Poutargue (Fr.), Avgotaraho (Greek) is the roe pouch of mullet, tuna, or swordfish which is dried and cured in sea salt for a few weeks, during which time it turns into a solid, hard lump, and is encased in melted wax.

About the sprouts . . .

Sprouts:  I use this (click)  Easy Sprout Sprouter ~ it's so simple to use and if you buy two you get free shipping. I have many kinds of sprouters ~ by far this style is the one I reach for time after time. Just follow the directions and in a couple of days you'll have beautiful, healthful and flavorful sprouts like these alfalfa babies. Sprouts for health!


If you would like a printable copy of Tyler's recipe (and my changes), along with the easy recipe for making your own
Crème Fraîche, please click HERE to go to my recipe blog.

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I hope you're having a great day! ~m.


  1. Hi Christine~
    Thank you ~ we don't eat these often so when we do I try to make sure they are worth it. I like that you can make these as flavorful as you like, or keep them plainly seasoned.
    Loved those egg rolls that you posted. Yum!

  2. If it is at all possible..your photos only get better and better.
    So so pretty Mary~

  3. They certainly looks gorgeous and when do we not love to have eggs at Easter!

  4. Awww, Thank you Monique, what a lovely compliment!

    Hi Val, yes, that's just what I was thinking with Easter just days away. I love the Hot Cross Buns you just posted about. Yum!

  5. Boy, if I didn't have a sensitivity to eggs, I would make a plate of these and eat all of them!

  6. I'm not kidding when I say yours are the best eggs I've seen all week. The baby sprouts are adorable too!


  7. Mari, I was so mezmorized by the gorgeous images that I now have to go back and take in the recipe! I know it had creme fraiche. YUMMY! I have not made sprouts, but would love to. They are so pretty too.
    Happy Easter!!!!
    zo Yvonne

  8. These sound real good, Mari. I used to grow sprouts, but haven't for many years. I think it's about time I did again!

  9. Your deviled eggs look delicious!! I love Tyler Florence. Your photos are wonderful and the flowers are perfect for spring!


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