Tiramisu Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

First a warning.

Under no circumstances should you make these unless you are:

 A. Having company over. 
B. Taking them to a party. 
C. Have friends/family/neighbors you'll share them with. 

 Why? Because if you LIKE them, you'll want to eat more of them than you should.

Lots of rich Mascarpone & whipped cream frosting, with a last minute dusting of cocoa.

Okay . . . You've been warned. :D

It's the first time I've made Tiramisu Cupcakes; although there are PLENTY of recipes for these hanging around out in cyberland

I sort of have a gauge by which I judge recipes (and some other things as well) ~  it's a simple one. You know when you find something you really, truly like ~ you STOP looking any further? 

 Well, with a few changes this is one of those recipes (at least that's the way we're leaning at my house.)

See the coffee syrup down in the cake?  Yum. You can use Marsala, Rum, Brandy or your favorite liqueur . . . like Kalua. I used Franglico (Hazelnut Liqueur).

I adapted this version from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes
cookbook. They are VERY good. 

I must admit, I read through the reviews about this recipe on Martha's site and made a few changes after seeing a few comments about the recipe as originally written.

If you don't care to make the cupcakes from scratch, I suggest substituting a good quality white or yellow cake mix ~ they won't be quite the same but I'm sure very delectable. I promise I won't tell Martha. (It's the frosting and the coffee & liqueur that make these stand out, anyway.)

If you'd like a printable copy of the recipe (with my changes, and a wonderful alternative for mascarpone) you can find it HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!


  1. Mari, these are a fabulous take on cupcakes...who doesn't love Tiramisu?

  2. These look so so delicious! Thanks for the warning because I could so easily see myself eating too many ;)

  3. Beautiful and yummy all rolled into one. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Mari, My daughter loves tiramisu! What a darling twist on this yummy dessert.
    I'll save this recipe and make it for her birthday!
    Thanks for the recipe.

  5. I love Tiramisu, and I love cupcakes, so this is a must! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Oh My Goodness!! I probably shouldn't have EVER seen this post!!

  7. Your cupcakes are lovely and I know they are delicious! I appreciate the alert! Gifting such dangerous things is the only way to survive!

  8. these look delicious, mari!
    i've never used mascarpone before, but you make it look delicious!
    what kind of flavor does it create?

  9. These are simply sinful and delish looking. I will have to try them for sure!

  10. Yeah, I don't think I'd really need any help those...yummmm!

  11. You had me at Tiramisu and hooked me with mascarpone! These look and sound so yummy! Now I am off to see what other yummies there are here!

  12. I just love your website - your pictures are always perfect - and the recipes just great! Just wanted to thank you. I am a cake decorator - if you have the chance check out my website
    Have a Sweet Day! Sherry

  13. Evidently, I've been living a rather sheltered life... I've never heard of tiramisu cupcakes before. This recipe sounds delicious - and your photos are wonderful (as always!!) I'll be dreaming of these little gems until I get them made. Thank you, Mari!


  14. OMG...omg...I wonder if I can have these here in the house! I think I have to make these soon...
    But I want one right now...!

  15. I gave up sweets for the lent season, so these are torturing me :( My husband is a big tiramisu fan, so these might be fun to make for his birthday maybe.

  16. Thank you for such great comments!!

    Katie, Mascarpone tastes very much like cream cheese, the extra cream in the frosting puts it over the top, and gives it a smooth texture. The flavor of the cupcakes mainly comes from the Coffee Syrup (flavored with your favorite spirit.)

    If you make these, I hope you like them!

  17. Oh, these sound wonderful but with my sweet tooth, I will make sure I have someone to share them with! Thanks.

  18. I would be in so much trouble if these cupcakes were in front of me. I love moist cakes soaked in coffee syrup, it's my favorite, and then slather on the mascarpone cream, oh my it could be my last meal wish!

  19. Hello Seaside Jain!.. ah, you can have them soon enough. Keep up the great job you're doing. (My mantra... A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips... )

    Nancy, that is a great idea!!

    Christine, Hi!! You have been on my mind, and I'm thinking of your exciting times ahead. What a lucky little boy to have YOU as a mom! xoxo

  20. Tiramisu in cupcake form?
    There is a God! And her name is Mari.

  21. Mari - I never thought tiramisu could be improved upon, but I was wrong. These cupcakes are the best.

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  23. Thanks for the recipe! I've been looking for a tiramisu cake recipe using cake mix that I can make into a cake pop...harder to find (one I like) than I thought!! I'm going to use your mascarpone recipe and add some pistachio creme to it. Thanks again!


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