Chicken Marsala ~ Tyler Florence Fridays

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For this week's Tyler Florence's Fridays I chose to make his version of Chicken Marsala.

It's one of those dishes which is difficult to capture in an appealing way ~ but believe me, it is delicious!

Using boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pounded thin ~ with strips of Prosciutto (Italian dry-cured ham), sliced mushrooms and sweet Marsala the dish goes together very quickly.

I served it with steamed green beans from the garden, and oven-baked Parmesan Risotto.

I followed Tyler's recipe exactly, the only change I made was to add some crisply fried fresh sage leaves (a method I use with my other favorite Chicken Marsala recipe), not necessary but it adds a nice flavor and textural contrast.

This received raves at my house,if you like Chicken Marsala I think you'll like Tyler's version, too!

You can find a printable copy of his recipe HERE on the Food Network site.

Happy Tyler Florence Friday !

And Foodie Friday, too.

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  1. oooooooo we adore Tyler, oh yes we do !! That looks so good......SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD !! :)

  2. I love chicken marsala. It is so good and this looks wonderful. I will try this recipe. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  3. That's the recipe I always use for Chicken Marsala,too! In fact, I was going to make it today. Chicken is out of the freezer, mushrooms are ready to be sliced, and I have just enough prosciutto left for this dish!

    Great minds! (And, btw, it looks WONDERFUL!)

  4. Mari, this looks SO good! I always love to come to your blog and see what's cooking on Foodie Friday! Speaking of which, hope yours is a happy one!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Looks absolutely delicious. The fried sage is wonderful. How do you oven bake the risotto?


  6. I love Chicken Marsala! I'd like to know how you did the oven baked risotto, too!

  7. thanks for the recipe! was looking for a good marsala for the hubster.. it's his fave!

  8. Tyler is a wonderfully creative chef and Chickan Marsala is one of my husband's favorite dishes. I love your presentation and I will try the sage leaves too!!

    Thanks, Mari!!


  9. What a delicious classic! Photos look good enough to eat.
    Happy Twirls
    By the way be sure and register for the French Wine Set GIVEAWAY.

  10. Looks delicious to me...I would gladly stick my fork right into one of those glistening mushrooms right now...

  11. Gorgeous photos! It looks really delicious.

  12. Mary your dinner looks delicious. Amazing photos. I love the close up of the crispy sage leaves.

  13. You certainly captured a great picture! I have never made chicken marsala but I am going to do it very soon! This looks taste buds are anxious to try this!

  14. That looks oh so yummy! I just read a recipe that had fried sage leaves and thought it sounded so good. Glad you put them in here o further tantalize me : )

  15. This dish is just so beautiful. I love the plating! You are the only person I have ever seen turn chicken marsala into a work of art. Well done.

  16. Beautiful, and presented so well. Have to try your risotto, it too looks wonderful.

  17. Chicken Marsala is one of my all time favorites....your photos of this dish are gorgeous! Please share your Baked Risoto Recipe with us one day soon....Please!!!

  18. Fried sage leaves are the perfect garnish for this!

  19. Mmmm....I don't think I could stop with one helping! Thank you for sharing!
    Hugs and glitter!

  20. Thank you so much everybody! It's such an easy dish yet very flavorful.

    Thank you again for stopping by!


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