Field Trip ~ to Tyler Florence's Place

During my recent trip home to visit my family in the San Francisco Bay Area my son and I made a visit to Tyler Florence's store in Mill Valley, California.

The town of Mill Valley is located a bit north of San Francisco.
September and October days in SF can be surprisingly beautiful, clear and warm. This day was no exception.
If you're coming to visit ~ try to be here in Autumn; the weather is generally more temperate than other months.

The store is reminiscent of the good old Williams-Sonoma of 30 years ago when Chuck Williams was piloting the helm. Tyler's store is warm, welcoming and well stocked with a wonderful selection of most any equipment you might need for cooking or entertaining, along with plenty of hand-selected antique and vintage items.

My clever son. :)

No Tyler sitings but we had a fine time shopping and visiting with the friendly staff.

Click photo to visit the Tyler Florence website and blog.
It's a beautiful website with recipes, updates, merchandise and more.

Click Link to Visit Tyler Florence's page at Amazon.

My first entry for Tyler Florence Friday ~ Click on photo for more.

I have a few more of Tyler's recipes in the queue for the coming weeks, and you can click the fork logo above to learn more about Tyler Florence Fridays.

If you are in the area I recommend a visit to Tyler's store and the lovely town of Mill Valley.
Thank you for coming by today!


  1. Oh my, what a lovely shop. I could get into big trouble there and it would be fun just browsing through. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with family. Now I'm off to investigate Tyler Florence Fridays. Thanks, Mari.

  2. Oh my gosh I even love the bag:) Lucky you ..and w/ your son..that's just the best.Does he love to cook like his mom?

    Gosh that Tyler's so handsome.

  3. awesome! while in south carolina this summer, our tour guide pointed out the first restaurant that Tyler worked at as a chef. [in Charleston]
    love the store.. from the look, to the merchandise! lucky girl! :D

  4. I love him - his kitchen is one of my favorites! You lucky girl - what a gorgeous day and what a great shop! What's in those bags? (peeks)
    I always leave your site hungry, and this time is no exception - only my kitchen doesn't bear the beautiful fruit of yours!!
    Happy new week!
    xo Isa

  5. Mari,

    What an adventure!! I hope those bags were not just props. Glad you had a good time.


  6. I am so jealous!!! ;) Lovely pics, and your clever son, indeed! I LOL-ed at that photo!

  7. Sounds like fun! Two killer habits -- eating and kitchen shopping.

  8. What a great post! I really want to go to Tyler's store one day- It looks beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful day. Looking forward to your entries for TFF, there is still a few more weeks left.

  9. Tyler is such a hunk!!! I used to live in Marin, and the beautiful pictures brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is so cool! I haven't heard of Tyler before, but WOW, he's so cute! I love the store and it's logo!

  11. What a gorgeous little store! I would love to visit that some day. I'll put it on my 'bucket list' for sure! ;)

    I've never been disappointed by any of TF's recipes. I'm off to check out TFF -

  12. How fun! Can't wait for the recipes!

  13. What a hottie!:)
    The store looks like fun! I'm off to see what he's about...

  14. Oh you lucky girl....your post made me sooo homesick!
    I wish I could have gone there with you....
    Now what was in those bags?

  15. Oh, his store looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing this and thanks for the link!
    Great post!
    All the best,

  16. MMMMmmmm! I shouldn't sink to this level but he looks good enough to eat !

    I have become tired of many of the Food TV "stars". Many have succumbed to loving their celebrity status and have become egotists. NOT Tyler Florence...he cooks with enthusiasm and relish. He's energetic and fun ! He's one of the few I watch.

  17. Oh thank you for sharing about your trip. It was a great day for you and your son all the way around! Very cute of the photo looking like he was holding the fork! Always a delight to visit you. Your photos are always so beautiful.
    Hugs and glitter,

  18. That looks like my favorite kind of store, run by my favorite kind of guy - a cute one who cooks.

  19. I had no idea he had a store in the SF Area, I am going up to visit my daughter and m-n-law for Thanksgiving, and I think we will have to take a little visit to Mill Valley....Tyler is adorable. and your blog is great!

  20. A Tyler Florence store!...and fairly close...well, a five hour drive! How fun to be able to walk through this shop. I am going to have to do this! Thank you!


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