Healthy Wraps!

One of my favorite lunches ~ so fresh and healthy.

Wraps have been so popular for quite some time, but some are loaded with fat and calories. My aim is to come up with some combinations which are super healthy, low fat and low carb.

I've found a high fiber, low fat Whole Wheat/Oat Bran wrap that I really like, they are made by
Don Pancho Authentic Mexican Foods here in the Pacific Northwest. Only 70 calories and 4 grams net carbs, 0 sugar. :) If you cannot find this brand, just read the nutrition labels; you can probably find something comparable.

For the wrap I make most often, I try to always use home-roasted turkey or chicken breasts, very thinly sliced ~ but if I don't have it, good deli plain-roasted chicken or turkey slices work as well. If buying from the grocery store I search out the 99% fat-free, lower sodium variety which the American Heart Assn. recommends. Foster Farms makes one, Sara Lee also offer both lower-sodium turkey and chicken at the service deli-counter of my grocery store (sliced to order).

I always make mine light on the meat [... if I include meat that is], and heavy on the veggies, which I vary a little each time. I try to include a rainbow of colors when it comes to the vegetables ~ the ones in these pictures include tomatoes, red bell peppers, a thin avocado slice, green onions, cucumbers, radishes, and my favorite ~ clover sprouts! Have you tried clover sprouts? I much prefer them to alfalfa sprouts, the flavor is milder and texture more pleasing, imo. Besides, they're so CUTE! :)

Sometimes I spread the sauce on the wrap and build upon that, but most of the time I assemble them "taco-style", with the sauce on top.

Again, the sauce/dressing is made from Fat Free Nonfat Plain Organic yogurt, I stir a little good quality mayonnaise into it (ratio about 4 parts yogurt to 1 part mayonnaise), and enough Dijon mustard to perk the mixture up.

I'd love to know if you have a favorite wrap combination ~ I hope you'll share if you do. :)

I'll be featuring some of my other favorite low-fat, low-carb wraps in the coming weeks ~ as we have them several times a week for lunch or dinner. I hope you'll find some combinations that you like among the ones I plan on posting.

Have a Healthy and Delicious Day! xoxo


  1. We readers have no excuses for eating unhealthy meals any longer. Your recipes are wonderful and I can't wait to try every one. We all will benefit from the changes in your diet. Thank you so much for sharing, Mari. The photos alone are good enough to eat.

  2. It looks so colorful and healthy!

  3. Mary those pictures are just so beautiful...I am starving and I want one of those wraps right this minute!
    Uhhhh...could I come and live with you for a few months...I do dishes and iron ya know!:)

  4. I like to use roasted red pepper hummus as a spread. It's got protein and flavor (=

  5. Yum.. Your wrap photos are deliciously gorgeous!I agree w/ Jgarfink too! Hummus in wraps is so tasty!

    I love the fresh new look Mary!

  6. I've been trying to bring my lunches to work these days. These would really fit the bill!! I forget about wraps! Yours looks beautiful and delicious.

  7. Hi Mari. The wraps sound and look delicious! I particularly like your first photo. Great depth of field with the little sprouts in such sharp clarity. I wanted to just reach out and pick up the wrap. :-)

  8. Have you tried sprouting your own sprouts? I posted how on my blog some time ago. It's really easy. I've found that I really like the radish sprouts and brocolli sprouts.

  9. Healthy and delicious looking..perfect for fresh summer veg...thanks Mari!

  10. You gave me a good idea for lunch. Lunch for me is always so hard, I don't know why. I don't like buying stuff for it and I hate making it! I always end up at Whole Foods,and buy something. But your wraps have given me a good idea for a change up!!

  11. Mary, You make healthy look delicious.


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