Five-Spice Sticky Chicken Bites ~ Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ~ Welcome in 2011 !

I wish you all the BEST in the new year everyone.

Here is one last post for 2010 ~

A really good little appetizer/snack, with Asian influences.

You probably have gathered that I love Asian-inspired and Pacfic Rim flavors, and here's another one.

I originally made this as a dinner entree with chicken pieces, bone-in and skin on.

I've altered it a little this time by using boneless, skinless chicken breast pieces.  Actually, I would have preferred
using boneless, skinless and trimmed chicken thigh chunks ~but this is what I had on hand.  However, making a run to the market on New Years eve just didn't appeal to me at all.

The sauce is made from fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce (or Tamari), oyster sauce, a bit of brown sugar, dry sherry, Five Spice, Star Anise and a little chicken broth.

You can make it stove-top in a skillet, in the oven, or on a charcoal or stove-top grill. I started this in a saute pan, and finished it in the oven this time.

As the sauce thickens up it enrobes the chicken pieces  ~ salty and sweet with a most delightful, subtle exotic fragrance from the Five Spice and Star Anise.

It is one of our favorites ~ and goes perfectly with a little of the bubbly.

It was a perfect starter for our New Year's Eve dinner of prawns with 3 dipping sauces.

If you would like a printable copy of the recipe I'll have it up on the Once Upon a Plate recipe blog within the next couple of days. 

But right now, it's time to go enjoy the very last of 2010.

Have fun celebrating everyone. Thank you so much for your friendship and support throughout this year and I'll see you in 2011.

xo ~ Mari 


  1. Your skewers look so delicious and inviting. I really like asian-style appetizers for some reason. I think because they're always packed with flavour!

    Happy New Year to you too. I look forward to following your blog into 2011.

  2. Happy New Year! Beautiful presentation Mary!

  3. Happy New Year, Mari. We rang in 2011 with Doritos and Soda. What can I say, it's become a tradition around here.


  4. Bonne et heureuse année 2011... Bisous

  5. Looks like yummy fare for New years eve !

    Happy 2011 Mari.

  6. This looks fabulous...I am going to try it soon!
    Happy New year my dear friend...

  7. Beautiful!
    I've got my peas and greens on~ looking forward to a little luck and a few greenbacks in the new year!
    Wishing you the same~

  8. Mari, You could make mud look delicious! But these little appetizers are making my mouth water. Oh Yummy! I'll be back for this recipe.
    Happy New Year!

  9. I love the pictures, they are wonderful. This would have made a great ring in the new year with your honey snack.


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