Are Panini Presses passé ?

Well, not in my world.

As I was making a quick lunch in the panini maker the other day I thought of some cooking appliances which have come and gone ~

But like an electric toaster, waffle iron, or electric skillet I actually use the panini maker on a weekly basis, for pressed sandwiches and lots of other good food too.

This time I'm focusing on sandwiches, in my next post about panini presses I'll share some of the other meals I make with my press.

Whether you use an electric press (my current favorite type) or a stove top grill pan with some kind of a weight/press on top you can produce a delicious, warm and crispy panini sandwich in minutes.

This time I chose thinly sliced ham, Jarlsberg cheese and Dijon Mustard.

Here are a few of my other  favorite combinations; use any kind of bread, roll,  or flat bread that you prefer:

~Lightly brush bread/rolls with olive oil, mayo, or butter so it crisps up nicely.~

Cooked chicken (sliced or small dice), prepared basil pesto, jack or mozzarella cheese.

Grilled Eggplant (brushed with red wine vinegar & olive oil before grilling), crumbled feta cheese, sprinkle of dried oregano, and roasted red peppers.

Tuna salad with thin slices of  sharp cheddar cheese

Grilled portobella mushroom (same method as eggplant, above), fresh basil leaves or prepared basil pesto, slices of mozzarella cheese.

Panzanella panini~  Brush bread or roll with olive oil, layer thin slices of mozzarella, thin slices of tomato, fresh basil leaves, a few slivers of red onion, a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar & freshly ground black pepper. 

Thinly sliced roast beef, sharp cheddar, horseradish cream (or Dijon mayo)

and if you like something sweet ~
 Butter 2 slices of Challah or Hawaiian/Portuguese sweet bread, spread with Nutella (or grated chocolate) and grill.  Sliced banana and/or toasted nuts are optional.

The finer grooves on this panini press produce extra ridges and furrows so the bread is toasted perfectly crisply... ummm! 
Who knew 'corregated' bread could be so appealing to the palate?!

Of course the fillings are limited only by your imagination (and what you might have on hand.) Do you have a favorite panini combination?  Please share it!

I served it with Potato Salad Mom's Way, and a couple of tiny sour pickles.

I love a tool that does double duty, and the panini grill also cooks burgers, meats, chicken and fish fillets or steaks, bacon, and veggies in a FLASH as well.
(More about that in my next post.)

I have had a few electric grills and they all have performed well.  This Krups electric grill and panini maker is my current favorite  ~ not the most expensive nor the least, but it produces even results every time.

What I like about the electric press/grill is that both the top and bottom grill plates heat up, producing even cooking and because of the  two elements the food cooks  more evenly and in less time of a stove top grill with press, in my experience.  I like that it is portable, too-- I can use it on any counter top in the kitchen with an outlet nearby. 

Thinking of holiday gifts? 

You can find additional universal grills/ panini makers which may be of interest by clicking THIS link.

Thank you for stopping by today friends! 


  1. I love panini's ~ takes an ordinary sandwich to hot and yummy meal with very little work.

  2. Isn't it amazing how all those crispy grooves in the bread make it so delicious?!

  3. time you are going to prepare these delicious pressed panini ...CALL ME, please.....hugs, Flavia

  4. I love making panini! Our panini press has interchangeable plates so we could also use it as a griddle and a waffle iron - but the grill plates get the most use, for sure. I love making a veggie panini with grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini, portabello mushroom and roasted sliced potato with a little fresh goat cheese to add a little tang. Delicious! Thanks for reminding me to whip mine out again!

  5. Cela ne doit pas être mauvais... Bisous

  6. They are certainly not passé in Argentina!
    Jamon & Queso Panini everywhere you go ..

  7. I love my panini press and use it all of the time. Our favorite is an Italian sandwich with ham, provolone, salami and roasted red peppers. We fashioned it after one of our favorite sandwiches from Fresh Market. Yum.

  8. looks warm and wonderful on this nippy day!

  9. Our local fancy place has added paninis to their menu...along with all the upscale gourmet things. I'd say they aren't outdated at all! Your sandwich looks yummy!

  10. I too have the Krups unit & have used it several times/week for the past 4 years....I love it!! I use mine not only for sandwiches but also for grilled fish, kebabs & veggies. It's very handy in the winter when the rain pours down & I don't want to be outside on my BBQ. I thought I'd been quite creative with my sandwiches but you have suggested some very delicious sounding ones I've not considered...thanks!!

  11. I kinda wanted one, but I really have no more room for another appliance, and since I don't like cheese, then I think it would be lost on me. I hear that you can grill other things in it too though, so that is why I have gone back and forth on it.

  12. I use our panini press nearly every day. Maybe someday I'll even use it to make panini.

  13. My favorite panini combination would be proscuitto, fresh basil, tomato and brie! I wanted one now as I type! LOL I couldn't agree with you more, the panni grill is my "friend". I use it all the time and it really is a multi-task tool in the kitchen!

  14. Never. What would I do without my favourite Cubano.

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  16. hi
    I love your photos and the recipes...
    I love sandwiches and do a lot of grilled sandwiches too...
    Have you ever tried sprouts with a little cucumber, tomato and coriander make something like a salsa fill it between the slices and grill..
    I will be adding you to my side bar...
    thanks for the wonderful post...

  17. I love Panini sandwiches! I really enjoy brie and crab or lobster. Brie is also tasty with thin sliced ham.

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  19. I use a stove top grill pan for panini but have secretly been thinking about a fancy panini press and how much I might enjoy having one. When I see your other uses, Mari, I know I'll weaken and put one on my Christmas list. I just love a good grilled sandwich.

  20. I don't have one myself and at times I wish I did. So until I do I guess I will just have to enjoy them when we go out.

  21. My mouth is watering seeing such pictures.. :P I love to eat and i love fried food and sandwiches.. and i have one quality that i don't get fat :P .. I also cook myself and i use Electric Skillet to cook.. :)

  22. Hi can even make a simple sandwich look like fine dining....I too love my panini maker and use it often...I am looking forward to see what else you make in yours...

  23. We make paninis quite often, have the Cuisinart Griddler and LOVE it.

    One of our faves is goat cheese and fig jam!

  24. Now you've inspired me! Very beautiful and looks delicious.


  25. Lol - the world would be a better place with more panini makers!!

    Your blog always makes me hungry. Funny you should mention the ham, cheese, and mustard version. I'm making a family favorite for lunch today - hot ham and cheese sandwiches w/mustard, butter, onion, and poppy seed spread for lunch today.



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