Pulled Pork Sandwich Plate

Here we go ... wonderful, natural and organic boneless pork spareribs (sometimes called country-style pork ribs) were on sale so I bought some to make oven roasted pulled pork for sandwiches.

I love to serve the pulled pork on homemade rolls. I used the One Hour Rolls I posted about yesterday and Emeril Lagasse's recipe..
I've posted about this recipe before... (click HERE to view.)
I simply reduced the cooking time because these were rib meat, not a roast.
Psst... I like Tyler Florence's version just as well.

When I make these sandwiches I like to serve them with a favorite coleslaw (my mom's version) and some kind of potato; either potato salad or fries.
This time I made crispy shoestring potatoes. Actually, I think I like the potatoes as much (or more) than the sandwiches. :D
These potatoes are delicious; not chips, not fries but somewhat of a cross between the two.

The perfect, crispy complement to the juicy, succulent sandwich.
(Don't forget to toast the rolls!)

About the 'necessary' extras...

While I adore and respect my kitchen knives ~ I'm the first to admit it would take me a quite a bit of effort and time to produce these perfect julienne raw potato slices with a knife.

Before cooking.
I turn to tools to make the task easier.
And although I received the so-called "Rolls Royce" of manual slicers (De Buyer La Mandoline V Professionnelle) as a gift years ago ~ I don't use it very often.
It's large, heavy and a bit intimidating to handle.
It still earns a place in my kitchen, but honestly the one I reach for several times a week is this one ~ easy to operate and clean, it is lightweight and a real pleasure to use:

I like that particular bundle, it comes with a variety of blades. I appreciate my sharp kitchen knives, but this mandoline makes very short work of slicing vegetables.
And just look at the finished results ~

Because they are evenly sliced they cook uniformly.
*love that!*

And the slicer handles the cabbage perfectly, too. ~ Thickly sliced, or thinly sliced

The combination of flavors on the plate are so delicious ~ enough to make your toes curl. :) :) :)
We don't make this very often, but really savor it when we do.

If you try it, I hope you enjoy it as well.
It is very good.
Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I used to eat pulled pork in college all the time! Loved it. I love all the pictures and presentations!

  2. I insist, I like your version more. The sandwich looks fab with that creamy slaw on the side.

  3. simply * A M A Z I N G !!*
    I made my Root Beer Pork version over the weekend.
    Gotta love Pork Sandwiches !!

  4. A pulled pork sandwich is a thing of beauty.

  5. These picture literally made my mout water! I never thought to use contry ribs to make pulled pork. The recipe sound divine! I also love my less cumbersome mandoline. I have one very similar to the the one you feature. It is a fabulous kitchen tool to literally "cut" down on my work.
    I have tagged this recipe. I am still cleaning out my freezer, so when that is done, I will make these delicious looking sandwiches.

    I just love your 1 hour roll recipe. So easy to make and I am now making my own rolls- who'da thought! Thanks

  6. Mari, as a southerner that loves Pulled Pork; yours is absolutely amazing. I have used pork shoulder, but never country-style ribs. What a brilliant way to make your pulled pork sandwiches.

    Many thanks for the idea & recipe...

  7. Looks great..we had the French dips last night..pretty similar plate e..Mary I should try my mandoline for these shoestrings..so delicate~

  8. Pulled pork on a homemade bun...a perfect combination along with homemade coleslaw. And I love the shoestring potatoes. Fries should be hot and crispy.

    Beautiful post, Mari. Thanks for the visual treat.

  9. Wow, what an incredible feast here! I love pulled pork and it sounds super delicious on a homemade bun!

  10. This looks fantastic, Mari! I love those fries... perfect!

  11. WOW! This is a sandwich I would happily pay for in a restaurant--it looks absolutely perfect. ANd those fried...holy cow.

    Love pulled pork. I'm totally impressed!

  12. I want this! It all looks SO good. The pork, the roll, the fries, the slaw...everything! I am so glad that I found your blog!

  13. My mouth is watering for your pulled pork sandwich and fries.

  14. I would make all 3 items. We love pulled pork here. Nice and spicy with a cool coleslaw to balance it out.
    Crispy shoestring potatoes too. Oh my.

  15. Beautiful photos and great execution of the meal. It looks mouth-wateringly delicious. I, too, could not live without my mandolin. I love the way you can present traditional foods in an unexpected ways.

  16. This is one of those meals that I think of as "just perfect"!

  17. omg take me away to where i can eat any of that drool worthy food you created. The photographs are really stunning and just make you want to pick it up and eat it.

  18. Oh my goodness you all make me blush! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such kind comments. You've made my week! xo

  19. Yummm....sheesh...I wish you had told me about the Swissmar before I mutilated my thumb with the Super Benriner...:(...lol...
    Pulled pork on homemade buns one of my favorites...
    I will have to try your recipe...

  20. Mari, that sandwich looks so very very good! Oh my gosh. I have family members who would throw roses in your path for a sandwich like this!

  21. your pictures are always so delicious and awesome!!!


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