Korean-Style Minced Beef Bowl

Oh my, this is a MUST share!

I found the recipe on my long-time friend's 
(gorgeous) blog; La Table de Nana, by Monique.
She shared with us that she had discovered it on 
The English Kitchen blog by Marie.

Both Marie and Monique are blogging cooks that I admire, 
it helps that our tastes in food are quite similar.  If either of
these two ladies give a recipe high marks, I know
it will be popular at my house too. 

This recipe is very flavorful and it goes together in
just minutes (a quick meal, especially if you steam
some rice just before you begin to cook the beef.)
The bonus is ~ it's budget friendly!

I just tweaked the original recipe a little bit:

- I increased the amount of fresh ginger,
-Added a little very dry sherry (not cooking sherry) just before adding the soy sauce
-Added a teaspoon of white vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) with
the soy sauce (it piques the flavor just a bit.)

Click image to learn more.
Option to purchase if you cannot find it locally.

I used Sambal Oelek (fresh ground chili paste) instead of the chili flakes

The original recipe suggests serving it with sticky rice
(which would be perfect, and would make it easier to eat with
chopsticks)  I had Jasmine rice, so that's what I chose.

For garnish I added some julienned carrots,
a sprig of cilantro and a wedge of fresh lime, 
along with the sliced scallion in the original recipe.

If you like food with an Asian flavors, I am quite
certain you will love this one.

If you would like the recipe, please hop over to
Marie's blog, and say hello ... Here is the link.


Many thanks to Marie and Monique for sharing this
KEEPER! I'll make this one again and again ~
(it would make a wonderful filling for lettuce wraps too.)

I hope you'll give it a try.
Thank you for coming by today ~ Cheers!


  1. Dear Mary;
    Just came home..and saw this:)

    Gosh how beautiful..I am so glad you liked it..
    We eat this often now and so does one of my daughter's family:)
    Even the boys love it.
    I have your "The Butcher's Pasta Sauce " in the crockpot:)
    It tastes so good.I had to taste test:) A portion will go to a friend:)
    Love the way we all share.
    PS The Sherry is a great idea..
    Have you tried w/ Szechuan peppercorns?:)That's my add-on..

    Wonder how that great little spice you have... that I now have:) would taste in it?
    The one w/ the black sesame seeds?

    Gorgeous pics.

    1. Hi Monique, I hope you like Michele's Butcher's Pasta Sauce. I think the Szechuan peppercorns would be very good here (I must get more, we enjoyed the ones in the cute little tin... merci again.) I have held on to the tin to refill. :) Oh, I think the Japanese spice would work well here, too. I sprinkled black sesame seeds on, but they looked like insects in the photos, so I brushed most of them to the side! :D

    2. You cracked me up:)

      The Butcher's Pasta was enjoyed and shared w/ afriend..will ahve a post up ..
      I froze some too and think it would be a great lasagna sauce.
      Love the name..
      The Butcher's Pasta Sauce..
      Sounds like a movie:) Or a book.
      Or..your pasta recipe!

  2. Gorgeous! I have been meaning to make this soon since Monique posted pushed me over the edge!

    1. I have a feeling you'll love this one Linda, I hope you'll let us know!

  3. I love both Monique's and your food. Everything I made has been super delicious. I miss this dish so much. We used to go to an Asian restaurant that made this. It was their signature dish. Does anyone know a work around for soy?

    1. Hi Madonna, how interesting that it was the restaurants signature dish (I can understand why though!) I seem to have remember a substitute for soy sauce . . . is there a specific ingredient in the soy sauce you're avoiding? That would help ~ I'll go see if I can find subs for it.

  4. Mari, I loved reading this post and am honored that you would think so highly of me! I think Monique is just the bees knees and to be held in your esteem along with her, well, what can I say? YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY! I love the additions you have made to this recipe. I think a good recipe is one that you can easily make your own stamp upon and you have done just that. LOVE LOVE the carrot garnish! I will have to look for that Sambel Oelek! I do have fresh ground chilies in a tube by Covenant Garden. I wonder would that be the same? I will have to try it and find out! Cooking should be fun and tasty and not cost the earth! Love and hugs to you! And many, many thanks for the nod! xxoo

    1. Hello Marie! I'm so honored you have stopped by. :) Thank you so much for your kind words. ((hugs))
      I admit the reason I resorted to the Sambel Oelek is because I have a jar in the fridge that I'm trying to use up. The fresh ground chilies in a tube would be so handy, wonder if there is something like that here in the US ~ the search is on!
      Thank you so much for the wonderful recipes you share . . . I'm your forever fan!

  5. once again those killer clear surreal photos... you make carrots look exciting! love all things ginger, i made chicken pot pie with sweet potatoes and loads of ginger last night, love love love it! its been a total white out for 5 days, rather shocked this late in the year, but the sun is JUST now breaking out, scott said fog was everywhere, the bay area, home 2, etc. just before the fog stole us, i could see the bank all the way to hawaii, egads i hope its retreated for good for the year. you are wondering what this has to do with ginger? well its comfort food, but now that the sun is shinning i can retrain my palette! back to the world of sugar! actually, to excited to eat, i found a property that has me sleepless, all i do is day dream :-) loved your amber story, luckily i have very few of those seed pods, and i have 30 trees of them, but i too remember them as a kid on my bare feet... your aunties were brilliant!

    hope your dog is doing well... i guess today was the big day, but i thought you were running away, are you at a cyber cafe?! hello sunshine!

  6. I know my family will love this one. We even have sticky rice and always have Sambal Oelek. I have bought it by the gallon and my son loves it with everything Mexican.
    Thanks for heading us in the direction of the recipe.

  7. I love your Korean Style Minced Beef Bowl! Sambal Oelek is one of my favorite chili paste to use. :) Glad you're a fan too.

  8. Mari, this is so simple, so pretty and so delicious looking!

  9. Mari~ Your photos are mouth-watering! I was just thinking what Jain said, you make carrots and a lime wedge look sexy :) Beautiful styling and photography, it makes me want to dive into the bowl!


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