S'mores Halloween Treats ~ Ghastly Ghost Peeps®

Frighteningly simple to make ~ when Mary @ Home is Where the Boat is
first featured these, I knew I wanted to add them my repertoire too.  
So a friendly shout out and a big thank you to Mary.
Please go visit her blog, you're in for a treat!

The ingredient list is as follows: A box of Ghost Peeps®, you'll need
12 'ghosts' to make enough for an 8 x 8-inch baking dish. Butter, sugar,
pinch of salt, your favorite brownie recipe or boxed mix. About 1/2 cup chocolate
morsels, and 36 chocolate mini-morsels.

I hope you can see the layers here, on the bottom of the baking dish;
Graham cracker crumb crust, the brownie layer, chocolate morsels,
and topped off with the golden 'ghosts'.

Apparently ghosts are frightened of spiders.

Cutting between the 'ghosts' you have a perfect serving size for dessert.

They are quite RICH tasting, so maybe you'll want to share,
half, as I did.  (But probably not with any sort of Araneae.)

Happy Haunting!!
I hope you receive treats, no tricks this Halloween. :)

If you would like a printable copy of the instructions, you'll find it on
my recipe blog HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today~

Happy Halloween!!


  1. We can't get those Peeps here..but next year I will go to the US and look for them before Halloween..because the boys love smores.. marshmallows..and I think they are so so so cute.
    Thank you..wish I had some here to give the boys today..

    Ils sont trop mignons!

    1. Hi Monique, Thank you! I would be happy to send you Peeps (for any season), they are really popular at Easter. Just say the word. xo

  2. Too, too, too, too, too, CUTE!!! Not only that, they look like they taste fantastic!

    1. Hi Chris, they do get a really positive response ~ I give all credit to Mary for sharing the recipe with us! Thank you for your sweet comments! :)

  3. never had peeps, but anything that likes to lay on a bed of chocolate chips would surely be my friendly ghost! great pics, happy halloween to you!

    1. Jain, I do think you would like these ~ CHOCOLATE! Hope you had a fun Halloween too.

  4. Mari~ Peeps Love!...Your Ghostly Peeps aren't ghastly at all and are picture perfect! LOVE your spooky effect too! Happy Haunting to you this evening, thanks for the taste and fun, I always enjoy bringing my virtual fork to your plate :)

    1. With all the credit and thanks going to YOU Mary for introducing these to us. I had a devil of a time getting half-way decent pictures ~ yours, however, are STELLAR!

  5. Kudos to you Mari, and to Mary. What a fun thing to do.

    1. Hi Madonna, These were pure FUN! We've cut way back on sweets in my house, but sometimes we've just got to cut loose. ;) Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment ~ always good to "see" you!

  6. What a clever idea!
    I will remember this for a time in the future
    when my grandson is a bit older. I think
    the kids (of all ages) would love this. I would
    probably skip the graham cracker crust just
    to eliminate one sweet layer.

  7. I will have to pin this on pintrest, and do it next year for Halloween. I spent Halloween this year in London, so I could do anything fun for the holiday this year :(


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