Mystery Ingredient Club ~ Roasted Nori Salmon with Crispy Potatoes and Wasabi Mayonnaise

Using ingredient number two of three, sent to Mystery Ingredient
Club members by Michael at Rattlebridge Farm. 
(Michael is the creator and host of the club.)

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I chose to use the Citrus Salt from Cyprus
in this recipe from Donna Hay's current
magazine edition. 
(The original version uses plain sea salt.)

The recipe is very simple and would make a great
weeknight dinner as it can be on the table in 
less than a half hour.

The sauce is made by blending Wasabi paste with a
good quality whole egg mayonnaise and fresh lemon juice. 

The method is to smash the parboiled potatoes with your
fingers a little to crush them, drizzle with oil and salt,
then roast them on an oiled, shallow rimmed baking sheet
 for 10 minutes in a 475ºF/250ºC oven. After
the 10 minutes, the seaweed wrapped salmon filets
are placed skin side down on the hot baking sheet,
(scooting the potatoes to the edge of the pan)
then continue roasting the potatoes and salmon
together for an additional 8 to 10 minutes.

The filets I used were on the smallish side, so they
barely took 6 minutes to cook. (There is carry-over
cooking after you remove the pan from the oven.) 

You can make the Wasabi Mayonnaise, and par boil the tiny potatoes
 a couple of hours ahead to cut last minute prep time.

I served the salmon with fresh pea sprouts (love those ~ all the
flavor of fresh peas, but with a delicate crunch). No prep
at all, just rinse them well under cold water and arrange
on the plates or platter.

It received a hearty thumbs-up at our table, 
and I would definitely make this again.

I've posted the printable recipe over on my 
recipe blog ~ click here.

Please hop over to Rattlebridge Farm for The
August 2nd edition of Foodie Friday.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Thank you Jain, I'm glad you are not taking it personally that your comments don't appear here automatically! It's some glitch between blogspot, gmail and google, I'm sure.

    a quiet life has left a new comment on your post "Mystery Ingredient Club ~ Roasted Nori Salmon wit...":

    another perfectly styled meal from your table to our feasting eyes! look how international your presentations are, from morocco to some asian continent to whet our palettes~

    i have never thought to eat the pea shoots, that must be fabulous...

    gorgeous as always, look forward to seeing more, and i bet you have to cut and paste this from sea dream ;-) at least now we know why, more like where, my comments never show up!

    You're so sweet (I know, I know... I used to HATE salmon skin, too.) The cats & dogs love it so I was always happy to share. It wasn't until I had a crispy salmon skin handroll (sushi) that I grew to like it, not in every salmon dish though.

    I hope you're enjoying some CA sunshine @ SeaDream today. It's sunny here, but I cannot see the blue skies because of the SMOKE and there is any barely any air movement. :( Enjoy your FRESH ocean air!!

  2. such an amazingly crisp skinned salmon, roasted potatoes look so scrumptious and pair with salmon really well and wasabi provides just the right amount of pungency...
    awesome :-)

  3. I love that presentation Mary..
    I've wrapped my salmon in rice paper..but this w/ the nori is stunning.Perfect company fare too.The photos are lifelike~
    I love wasabi too:)

  4. What good timing ! I am making salmon tonight and I love to slather a bit of wasabi on it right before it is finished cooking ... can't wait til dinner ! :)

  5. What good timing ! I am making salmon tonight and I love to slather a bit of wasabi on it right before it is finished cooking ... can't wait til dinner ! :)

  6. Wonderful, as usual. The strip of Nori is a nice touch I'll have to try.

  7. Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave such nice comments.

    I am fond of many recipes Donna Hay's & Co. share through the internet and her magazine, most are quick to prepare, and each one usually offers a unique take on familiar ingredients. For example the nori in this one adds just a taste, not overwhelming for those who may be unfamiliar with it.

    If you try this one, I hope you like it, too. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Oh Mari, you've done it again. Your photos are stunning and jump off the page. I LOVE pea shoots and use them on a fresh fired pizza, great sub for basil or arugula to change it up. And that citron salt...oh my. Must find some. I am going to Italy next month and I've decided to chronicle our 3 weeks by actually starting a blog. geesh. I've always said I wouldn't. Mostly because with amazing blogs like yours, Monique's, and Jain's (Hi ladies! its been awhile!) to name but 3, why should I bother? and I kind of spend too much time on the computer as it is. :) THe name I'm using to get started is EatDrinkPurr. Purr because I am a huge animal lover and I sometimes Purr when I'm eating something I love. With closed eyes.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  9. That salmon is a work of art!

  10. Your photos are so gorgeous and amazing, I want to gobble this up! I love salmon, my hubby not so much. The beautiful green of the pea shoots, I've never had them but they look oh so fresh! Potatoes are my kryptonite :)


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