Bismarck Pizza (with no knead dough crust)

When you raise chickens, it's a given that you'll
search for ways to use their fresh eggs, and this
is one way that we accomplish that.

There is an authentic Italian pizza that is similar to
this one ~ and a knock off here in the states
that is named The Bismarck (I'm not sure
where that name originated), but I just call it
that pizza with an egg on top. :o)

This time I used the "Artisan Bread in 5-minutes a Day"
olive-oil dough for the crust (it's a no knead crust.)
You can find the recipe here. But you can use any
favorite dough for the crust.

Aside from the egg, the other ingredients that sets this apart from any
other pizza I've made (or have eaten), this one includes
salt and pepper on the pizza dough, topped with homemade
garlic butter ~ those two ingredients really add a nice
flavor punch.


I baked these on a preheated pizza stone on the outdoor gas grill,
but you can also bake them in the oven on your pizza stone.

If someone you know is allergic to eggs, you can just omit ~
but I hope you will try the technique of sprinkling salt and
freshly ground pepper on the crust, and definitely try
the garlic butter method!

For additional details and the printable recipe
you'll find it here on my recipe blog.
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. I have seen this style of Pizza..but have never made yet..
    Mary I love's a staple here..have not had a store bought or pizza place one in over 20 yrs..
    I agree w/ you on the salt ..pepper and garlic butter..I mean what makes a great focaccia too? SALT.
    In Italy unsalted bread took some getting used to.. everywhere we ate..bread was unsalted.. salt.
    My son-in -law is building a chicken coop..I am so excited:)To taste eggs straight out of the coop:)
    Pretty Clicks as always!

  2. Bon jour Monique! It's good to know we're in fine company (I make pizza a lot as well!) I wish I could claim that I don't succumb to wood-fired restaurant pizza or take-out 100% of the time, I'm still trying to eliminate purchasing it elsewhere all together ~ it's so good that you have been able to do so for all of these years.

    I'm so happy to hear the chicken coop and chicken plans and dreams are coming to fruition ~ you all will really enjoy the chickens, and the added bonus of fresh-from-the-hen eggs!

  3. I forgot to add, you are right ~ the salt in breads, etc. makes all the difference, imo.

  4. I went through a phase of keeping that dough in the fridge always ready for a pizza. I need to do that again, because I have to make this. Eggs of pizza - that's just genius!

  5. Pam, I hope you love it. You are one of a kind, my dear, your personality come right through in your comments. (And they ALWAYS make me grin.)

  6. Mary..I cannot take all the credit..focaccias,breads..I can take 80% credit..Pizzas..all Jacques:)

    I hope Alain follows through..he's been talking about it..I may send him a pic of yours..:)

  7. Your opening sentence is so true! At one point my counters were covered with eggs. I made pound cakes and ice cream and gave away the rest of the eggs. I've been on a pizza frenzy--sometimes twice daily (my poor thighs)--but I hadn't thought to top one with farm eggs. (Smacking forehead.)
    Your photos draw me in with their color, crispness, and beauty. xx

  8. Just made a pizza last night topped with artichokes, chorizo, cherry tomatoes and mozza. Tasted great just as yours looks truly delish!

  9. Oh, Mary, this looks like heaven!! Too bad I lost my pizza stone in my last move. :( It really is necessary for the best turn out.

  10. Well Monique, that's a great team effort if you ask me.

    Michael, yes, sometimes we're overrun with eggs too ~ that's the time to give them away! I'm happy to hear you are baking pizzas, too. Oooh, and with your new herb garden, that opens all sorts of fresh possibilities.

    Bon jour Mme. CdP ~ That combination on a pizza sounds absolutely wonderful, I'm sure it was fabulous!

    Mary, I'm sorry to hear about your pizza stone... Have you ever tried baking one on an inverted shallow baking pan (a quarter sheet pan)? I haven't tried to do it that way, but some people swear by that method. I'm sure you must sprinkle lots of corn meal on it and perhaps use baking parchment, too.
    My luck, the pan would warp and the pizza toppings would end up on the oven floor, but I might try to give it a go with a couple of 6 to 7" pizzas. Will let you know if I do, and how it comes out.

    Thanks for your great comments everyone!

  11. Oh this looks so good! One of our favorite restaurants has what they call a 'dippy egg' flatbread with bacon and dressed arugula! I don't know why it never occurred to me to try making a pizza version. The garlic butter sounds over the top delicious!

  12. Mary ~ Dippy Egg Flatbread with bacon and dressed arugula? Now THAT sounds wonderful ! You've given me ideas.


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