Chile Colorado

One of my favored ways of using my homemade Red Chile Sauce
is in Chile Colorado.  Chile Colorado is made with chunks of
beef, red chili sauce and just a few other simple ingredients. 
Unadulterated, pure form of the dish we know in
the United States as Chili.

You can use stew meat cubes from the market, or cut 
your own from Chuck Steak or any of the less expensive
cuts of beef; those which benefit from a long, slow cooking time.

The method is much the same for making beef stew.
(I usually make mine in a pressure cooker, but you
can make it in a traditional pot on the stovetop as well.)

Here's the method:

Heat a little vegetable oil in a heavy pot until quite hot, season the meat
cubes with salt and pepper and brown in batches (don't crowd or
the meat won't brown properly.) Turn occasionally so the cubes of
meat are evenly browned on all sides.  Remove the browned meat
to a large plate or platter and repeat until all the meat is browned.

Add a large white or yellow onion (diced) to the pan, and
cook until translucent, you may add a minced clove of garlic
(or two) at the end of cooking time. Place the meat back in
the pot, add some of the red chili sauce (a cup or three,
depending upon how much meat you have), and add enough
water or beef broth to just cover the meat.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat to barely a simmer and place
lid on pan (slightly askew so steam can escape), and
slowly simmer for 2 hours, stirring occasionally, until
beef is almost fall-apart tender. Add more liquid if during the
cooking time if it is evaporating too quickly.

At the finish you want enough chili 'gravy' to
generously coat the meat, with some extra to serve with
rice and tortillas, if desired.

I truly like this better than chile con carne!

I usually serve this with sliced avocados, a few slices of lime,
rice and beans; and any other condiments you like.

I always offer pinto beans from the pressure cooker,
cookedwith just a chopped onion, a little garlic, salt and pepper
and water, cook until tender.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. It looks melt in your mouth delicious..and I love the presentation~
    So clean and fresh..
    When I make your sauce..i will make this..:)

  2. This is my dad's fav!
    I know what I'm making for Father's Day.
    Thanks! xo

  3. Colette ~ how fun that this is your Dad's favorite! It would be perfect for Father's Day, and like stew, as you probably know, it tastes even better if made a day or two ahead, refrigerated and then reheated.

    Thank you for your comment!

  4. Looks lovely! What brand of chili sauce do you use?

  5. Thank you Ms. S! It's my easy homemade sauce (if you scroll down to the post just prior to this one, you'll find it.) Or you can enter this into your address bar:

    If you try it, I hope you love it!

  6. This looks fab! Can't wait to try the red chile sauce!


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