Italian Style Chicken Breasts ~One Baking Pan. (It's a KEEPER!)

I've been on a Donna Hay recipe kick lately and, happily, I can't seem to stop. :)

There is a lot to like about Donna's style; her recipes are so 
flavorful, plus they are generally fast and easy to put together. 
And here's another one. Thank you Donna Hay!

"Italian Baked Chicken" is my new favorite. Although I think she 
introduced the recipe about a year ago it's new to me. 

It's very, very tasty ~ 

(It's a two part recipe ~ you partially roast some of the
ingredients, then you add the chicken and olives and
continue baking until done.)

Boneless chicken breasts, fresh tomatoes, 
whole garlic cloves (no peeling necessary), flat pancetta, cubed*, 
olives, oregano, fresh basil, a little
olive oil and freshly cracked black pepper.

The first time I made it I followed the recipe exactly:

I tossed the tomatoes, pancetta, garlic cloves and
oregano in a pan with olive oil, and baked in
a 400ºF/200ºC oven for 25 minutes, at
which point the chicken breasts, olives, and 
black pepper are added and baked for an
additional 20 minutes or until chicken is tender.

While the flavors were delicious, parts of the 
tomatoes and pancetta ~(or I should say, my substitute for pancetta)
 were overcooked by the time the chicken was cooked through. 
Although it still tasted good, some of the cherry tomatoes had
disintegrated and and stuck to the bottom of the baking dish.  
Being that I was a little short in the amount of cherry tomatoes required 
I had included some Roma tomato halves (they saved the dish and
 roasted up nicely.)

Later on the internet I found a video of Donna demonstrating
the recipe and realized what she refers to as "cherry tomatoes"
are closer to the size of (what we in the U.S.) refer to as between
walnut and l little smaller than a golf ball (or huge cherry tomatoes!) 
I find them here as (small) "tomatoes on the vine".

The second time I made it, I used tomatoes that were
like those described above (halved them) and proceeded with the
recipe, except that I reduced the initial roasting
time to about 12 to 15 minutes (your oven may be different,
so keep an eye on things) I believe my oven runs a little hot ~
In any case, the pancetta cubes should be getting crispy and
 the tomatoes should be roasting and shriveled.)  

Then I added the chicken and olives and continued baking for an additional
 20-25 minutes until the chicken was tender.

This image is just for illustration. 
If it were in real time, the (raw) chicken breasts and olives would be nestled among the 
semi-roasted tomatoes, pancetta/bacon/salt pork, garlic and herbs, ready to be put in the oven to finish baking.  
The tomatoes would have given up some of their juices and shrunk, pancetta/salt pork 
would be slightly crispy, and the garlic would have begun to soften.

The surface area of the baking pan you use, and the size of chicken breasts will all affect the baking time as well. 
The chicken breasts I used the second time were rather large, 
so I let the initial baking go a few minutes longer, then added the chicken.  
Ideally, the pan in this picture would have been a bit larger so the ingredients  wouldn't be so crowded, but I'm sure you get the idea.

*I did not have flat pancetta or slab bacon. Instead
I had some salt-pork in the freezer, so I thawed and used

(Left stacked together in clumps so they wouldn't over-brown.)

 It was pre-sliced (thick slices) so I cut it into crosswise strips and kept three 
slices or so of the crosswise pieces together so they wouldn't burn. 

To finish, the recipe suggested serving with some fresh Parmesan
cheese, I skipped that part and found it perfectly seasoned and
flavorful  just the way it was.

Hmm, I want you to know that I've taken longer to explain the recipe 
than it will take you to put it together!  

If you would like a printable copy of the recipe, it's HERE on my recipe blog.

Thanks for stopping by today ~ I love it when you leave me a
comment so I know you've come by.  :)

Blessings!  ~m.

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  1. I enjoy Donna Hay recipes! This looks fresh and tasty. It has a great combination of flavors.

  2. I must be living under a rock because I have absolutely no idea who Donna Hay is, but wow, this certainly looks fabulous.

  3. Quick and delicious! I have to file this!


  4. I love Donna Hay and I have made this recipe and my whole family loves it!!! So SO yummy!!
    Great Blog

  5. This sounds delicious, and I like all of your notes.

  6. I am living under a rock too but that's ok. Tomorrow at my Under-the-rock cafe we're going to have this dish! :) thanks!

  7. Very yummy Mari, I'm bookmarking this one! Can't wait to try it!

  8. Mouth watering to the highest extreme! And beautiful well detailed directions that give me all the guidance I need :-)

  9. I too appreciate your tips:) I know which tomatoes you speak of..I have pancetta..and guess what Mary J is making bacon..Our first trials are resting now~
    Thank you for this recipe..looks delish.

  10. I am in love with Donna Hay as well. Love her magazine.

  11. Thank you for your comments ~ they mean a lot to me. If you try the recipe, I hope you like it as much as we do.

    If you're not familiar with Donna Hay (she's Australian), food stylist, recipe developer, magazine editor and cookbook author.
    She has a website if you would like to learn more --- (and there are many recipes listed.)

    Thank you again, ladies! Blessings. ~m.

  12. This was delish..., i will definately make again!!!

  13. Sandra, I'm so happy you liked it too. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know! You're a sweetie! xo


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