Ranch Dip & Dressing ~ the HEALTHY way

I was pleased to see that a version of very low fat "Lighter Ranch Dip" appears in the current edition of "Everyday Food" magazine because I practically gag on the synthetic taste of the commercial low-fat Ranch Dressing.  I made the EF recipe, and although it is simple to make and healthy it seemed to be lacking flavor, and understandably so ~ that version is seasoned with only thyme leaves, garlic and salt and pepper. That's not ranch as we all know it!

It looked like Ranch Dip/Dressing, but I found the taste quite disappointing. So I played around with the recipe a bit and arrived at my own version which I think is infinitely more flavorful. It requires just a couple of additional ingredients, but those don't add any calories, just more flavor.

While the original recipe called for low-fat Greek-style yogurt, and whole fat mayonnaise ~ I used 0% fat Greek-style yogurt (Fage brand), and Best Foods/Hellman's low fat mayonnaise, further trimming the fat to less than 30 calories, and negligible fat per each serving size (2 slightly heaping tablespoons each.) Of course you could still use the low fat yogurt and whole fat mayo, and it would still be much lower in fat than traditional Ranch Dip.

The additional seasonings I added were minced chives (green stems of scallions/green onions, finely minced, could be substituted), onion powder, minced parsley, and dried dill weed. I also added a small squeeze of fresh lemon juice (optional.) Just those few ingredients made a huge difference in the appeal of this dip. To change the dip into a dressing, simply thin with low or non-fat milk to achieve the consistency you like.

As suggested in the magazine other uses for the lighter dip are:

Sandwich spread, particularly chicken or turkey sandwiches
Substitute for mayonnaise in tuna or chicken salad
Condiment alongside chicken or fish
Dressing for pasta salad

And there is another delicious way I use this, which I'll share shortly in an upcoming post.

If you would like a printable copy of my version of lighter Ranch Dip/Dressing you'll find it on the Once Upon a Plate recipe site.

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  1. Perfect! I hadn't thought of using it to bind tuna. Great idea.

  2. I want to make this RIGHT NOW! Must be lunch time! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love adding squirts of lemon to these types of dressing..I eat Greek yogurt every morning of my life:) And I do exactly what you do to make dressings:) :)I am so happy I do!

  4. This is fantastic! Can't wait to make some :) Thanks much for sharing!

  5. Mari, this sounds perfect! I'm with you on the commercial kind of Ranch...ewww!! Thanks for working on this one.

  6. This recipe sounds like it is a really nice way to cut calories & still enjoy the flavors we so love.
    Thanks for explain the what & whys of how you did it, Mari. I will put the ingredients on my shopping list for next week.

    BEAUTIFUL photos, as always! Only YOU could make white dressing & broccoli look so pretty! LOL


  7. Un vrai régal sans aucun doute...
    Gros bisous

  8. Un vrai régal sans aucun doute...
    Gros bisous

  9. Oh you are all so very kind ~ thank you. I treasure your comments so much. ((hugs)) Thank you again!!

    Martine, Je vous remercie beaucoup! De vos mots signifient beaucoup pour moi. Vous êtes un artiste admirable à tout ce que vous faites ~ Je suis en admiration devant votre talent!

    xoxo to all for your friendship. Blessings and love ~ m.


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