Healthy Turkey Mini-Meatballs with Honey-Chipotle Glaze

I'm not much into New Year's resolutions

And although January is speeding by, the start of a new year seems to be a good a time as any to begin a change of lifestyle, yes?   Yes!

Usually I avoid stepping the the bathroom scale (can you say denial?!) Yes.
But with trepidation I did step up, and you know what? The numbers staring back at me weren't nearly as dreadful as I thought they might be. Yay!
My goal is to lose 20 pounds and I'll be very happy to be feeling better, more energetic and fit back into those 6/8's at the far corner of my closet, which haven't seen the light of day in far too long. :)

So I'm two weeks into a change of eating habits and feeling better already. 

Here's my plan:

To prepare and eat more "clean" type recipes ~  (Fresh, healthful, and lighter in calories and fat), while trying to reduce processed foods.  So far it's been easy, and no deprivation or feeling hungry at all.

This is a recipe which fits the criteria  ~ I tried and really liked it, you may like it too, I don't think anyone would reject it as being "diet" food because it's delicious ~ slightly spicy, slightly sweet and very satisfying.

The recipe as I originally found it in "Everyday Food" magazine ~ was for typical golf-ball size meatballs. But I'm more of a " snacky" kind of person, so I made them mini-size (about 1-inch in diameter) ~ perfect no-guilt party size munchies. Plus you get more of the yummy glaze per bite when you make them smaller!

The recipe is so simple . . . for the meatballs the ingredients are just lean ground turkey, minced onion, minced garlic, and salt and pepper, gently mixed together.  No breadcrumbs or eggs necessary ~ but you could certainly add any herbs you like ~ thyme, sage, etc. I didn't bother this time and they were perfectly flavorful.

Once the meat is mixed form into any size meatballs you like, brown them in a tiny bit of olive oil in an ovenproof skillet. Place in a 375˚F oven for a few minutes.

While the meatballs are in the oven chop a tablespoon or two of chipotle peppers  in adobo sauce (from the can), and mix with 2 Tablespoons of honey, heat and stir together to blend and warm. Remove the meatballs from the oven, pour the glaze over and swirl the pan to coat evenly. Allow to simmer for just a moment or two on the stovetop to reduce the glaze slightly, then serve and enjoy.

Only 149 calories per portion, 7 grams fat, 17 g protein and wonderful flavor, too.

If you would like a printable copy of the recipe please click HERE.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. It's look perfect to me:)
    That scale is off.

    Truly some scales are off:)

    Yours is.

    These look soo good!

    Thank you!

  2. Last summer I decided I needed to fit back into my 6/8's too. I downloaded My Fitness Pal app for my phone and started entering what I was eating. It was a huge eye opener. AND I made it! Pulled the size 6 jeans back out over Christmas break!

  3. Oh you're much to kind Mme Nana! xo

    Val ~ thank you!

    Pam, Way to GO, girl! I'm so happy for you ~ what a great feeling to be trim before the holiday. :) That's a clever app ~ I may just have to look into it ~ thanks for the head's up.

  4. This is easy and I can almost taste the finished food. I too am looking to cut processed food. This leaves me needing ideas for lunch, it was always processed sandwich meats.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Mari...this can't be "diet" looks too luscious!

    I agree with Nana. Always blame the scale. *wink*


  6. I love this recipe and can't wait to try it. I really want to incorporate more clean recipes into our menus here. I feel better when I eat that way. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I pinned them to try soon. My family is going to love them!

  7. Oh, yummy! I really love working with ground turkey. I make a meatloaf that I moisten with lots of mixed mushrooms and fresh herbs. It tastes like a little bit of Thanksgiving :)

    There is something so fun about meatballs though huh?!


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