Roasted-Garlic Soup with Cheddar Cheese & Mild Green Chilies

Honk if you're ready for some Spring weather!

Many of the early spring bulbs are blooming in the garden, but old man winter seems reluctant to leave us just yet... As evidenced by the nasty storm that blew through last weekend.

I like soup almost any time of year, something light, or chilled when the weather warms up ~
but for now it's still "hearty soup" time in these parts. This one is from Christina Orchid, as found in "Christina's Cookbook" ~ Recipes and Stories from a Northwest Island Kitchen.

I recently posted about Christina's recipe for (Herb Salsa and Chevre Crackers), and a couple of years ago I did a post about another of her recipes (Fennel and Oregano Breadsticks) ~ my favorite breadsticks. And they are EASY to make.

This was one of Christina's most popular soups during the 25 years she owned and and cooked at her legendary restaurant named, appropriately enough, "Christina's", located on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington state.

Chicken stock, roasted garlic, onions, potatoes, cream, buttermilk, mild cheddar and mild green chilies make this soup a substantial one that will warm you from the inside out. It received thumbs-up at my house. It's flavorful, yet mellow ~ not spicy.

Leftovers reheat beautifully (you'll need to add more stock, milk or cream though, because it thickens up after being chilled)

You can also garnish it this way:

That's the way I like it, put some more calories on top. Uh-huh! :D

Would you like a printable copy of the recipe (including my time-saving shortcuts?)

Come on over to Once Upon a Plate ~ The Recipes!


  1. Honk! Our temp got up to 44 today, which is really very nice when you've seen 35 below zero! I love garlic and this soup sounds great!

  2. know about me and covered soup tureens..what are those you little devil!
    The soup looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Spring bulbs already? Lucky you..

    Your photos look like spring too in those darling spring green pots with lids..WE love soups Mary..Thank you for this one..

  4. Cette soupe me paraît très fraîche de par vos magnifiques photos... Pour une soupe de printemps cela me semble idéal...

  5. Thank you for your comments, everyone!!

    Linda, the covered bowls are made by BIA, I got them a couple of years ago at either TJMaxx or Ross. They still may be available (sometimes they switch out the colors every couple of years.)

    Merci, merci, Monique and Martinealison!! :)

  6. Oh YUM!! Garlic and cheese... nothing better!

  7. Honk! I definitely love a heartwarming soup with some crumbly old Cheddar cheese mingling throughout!

  8. Pass thee bowl please, what a glorious dish

  9. oh - how beautiful. Sounds heavenly. I LOVE your little green dishes. So cute !

  10. I am absolutely obsessed with garlic. If a recipe calls for one clove of garlic, I add two. I eat the lebanese garlic sauce 'Toum' by the truckload. This is why a soup like this is so enchanting to me. Your photographs are lovely.

  11. I love this soup, it sounds so good and like one that I would simply love. Orcas Island is so beautiful!

  12. This looks and sounds delicious (as always)!!

    I've been out of the loop, cook-wise, and have been remiss in even visiting my favorite blogs. I've missed you! I'm loving the new look. Gorgeous!!

  13. Mari, it's still soup weather here, so I'm nabbing this lovely soup recipe!


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