Homemade Pasta with Marinara and Charred Cherry Tomato Sauce

This is a delicious and easy meal to put together if you have some marinara sauce in the house ~  It's quite budget friendly, too.

For this dish I always make it with my favorite homemade tomato sauce, which I posted about a couple of years ago:
  Arturo's 25 year old Marinara Sauce.  

That link tells the story of the name of the sauce and has step-by-step photos.  

For the printer friendly version of the recipe,  you can find it on the Once Upon a Plate recipe blog, HERE.

The ingredients for the homemade Marinara Sauce.  (Dried herbs are perfectly acceptable, too.)

I usually always have a quart of it in the refrigerator or freezer.

I like making homemade pasta ~  But by all means, if you don't make your own ~ or if you're simply short on time use store-bought.

I used the food processor to mix up the dough this time--it goes together in less than 3 minutes. But you can make it right on a work surface, by hand, using the well method if you prefer.

I use my trusty old hand-crank pasta roller to roll and cut the noodles. I barely knead the dough by hand before putting it through the pasta roller (rolling and folding the dough takes the place of kneading and cutting the pasta by hand.)  

If you're looking for a hand-crank pasta machine, I recommend selecting one that is made in Italy (check the label before purchasing).  Sturdy and very well made.

Or you can skip the machine and roll the pasta dough by hand using a rolling pin then cut the pasta into noodles with a knife.

For the charred cherry tomatoes, just place the tomatoes (as many or as few as you like) on a shallow, rimmed baking pan lined with parchment, or a silicone baking mat, drizzle with olive oil and roll them around so they are well coated in the oil.  

Sprinkle with coarse salt and roast in a 450* F, preheated oven until the tomato skins begin to char and burst. (about 12 to 20 minutes ~ depending upon your oven.)  I roll them around on the pan once or twice while they are roasting so they roast evenly.  

As you probably know, roasting tomatoes brings out the sweetness in them, and can make even anemic winter-crop tomatoes taste flavorful and delicious.

To serve ~ Place the hot, cooked fettucini (or other cooked pasta) on warm plates, ladle some hot marinara sauce over the pasta, place several charred cherry tomatoes on top of each serving and pass the freshly grated Parmesan cheese at the table.  I always garnish with some fresh herbs... Italian flat-leaf Parsley from the garden this time.

It's very good, (and full of healthful anti-oxidants,too.)

If you would like a printable copy of the marinara recipe, you can find it HERE on my recipe blog. 

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  1. Scrumptious. BTW I signed up to bring "penguin" on a work pot luck sign up sheet.
    Everyone kept asking me what I was bringing? Penguin I would repeat.
    When the day came they were all so curious and loved my little black olive penguins which of course I first saw on here.

  2. Now that's the way to my heart... homemade pasta and homemade tomato sauce. So beautiful!


  3. God, that looks amazing. the flavors, colors and textures, jump out of screen. Absolutely beautiful.


  4. Looks amazing...can't wait to try.

  5. been catching up, omg your pics are breathtaking... really, you did manage to get even better... which i didn't think was possible...

    walk thru manana, getting so excited, tick tock its almost here!

  6. After a very large lunch at a local event I didn't feel hungry until I visited here.

  7. This pasta looks beautiful! I am bookmarking the tomato sauce, I have never made it from scratch but I always hear how wonderful it can be. Delicious!

  8. It looks wonderful Mary~ I made a similar one last summer and it was a keeper.I agree..beautiful photos!

  9. I made the is delicious!!! Got tired stirring but as you suggested, I did not hurry the process..the best sauce ever. My stove looked like it developed "freckles" with all the splatters, but sauce was worth the mess. It's my go-to recipe now.

  10. Your pictures are just magnificent! Makes me want to make this - today!! I love the unusual technique for the sauce also, will definitely be trying this one! Thanks!

  11. Your fresh pasta looks beautiful! I love teh texture of fresh pasta and it must be fantastic with those flavforful tomatoes.


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