Bite-Size Savory Tomato & Mozzarella Polenta Cakes

If you've visited my blog before, you probably know that I have an affinity for small, particularly bite-size portions of appetizers (and desserts.)


And here's one that we're really fond of at my house.

Creamy, warm Polenta-Parmesan cakes topped with a cherry tomato half, a little strip of something salty
(prociutto, anchovy filet, or a piece of cooked bacon),  fresh mozzarella ball half (Ciliegini/cherry size) . . .

The best part is, they can be assembled early in the day, and just slipped under the broiler when ready to serve. 

When the cheese has melted and they are golden remove from the oven, garnish with a small basil leaf and enjoy!

It's another well-loved recipe from Donna Hay ~ and if you would like a printable copy of the recipe, you can find it on the Once Upon a Plate Recipe blog by clicking HERE.

If you try these I hope you like them, too. 
Thank you for stopping by to visit today, and for any comments you would like to share. 


  1. I've just recently started cooking with polenta, but I already love it. The flavor combinations of this appetizer plate sound perfect - though I'm more of a 'full-plate portion' kind of eater - I'd probably eat that whole plate you have pictured!

  2. What a fabujous idea, I have only made polenta pie so far but this appetizer looks great

  3. Sigh ....

    I love.

    I would love an evening you and your polenta cakes and Nana and her cheesecakes. What a night that would be for us three ...

    : )

  4. From Italy I must say to you: BRAVISSIMA...ciao Flavia

  5. I love polenta and these are so cute!

  6. Mary they are beautiful and brought back so many memories.. a friend made these for Caroline's shower here..So pretty!

  7. You. Are. Kill. Ing. Me. Here.

    Seriously, what's a girl to do when she sees photos like these in the middle of a snow storm??????? Okay, okay, it's not really a storm... it's only 2 inches of snowfall, but still, it's too yucky to go out for basil and tomatoes!

    I'm dying, just dying I tell you!!!


  8. I love polenta! I've never ever tried it in this way, or seen a recipe similar. Love it!

  9. Creamy, warm, salty AND make-ahead...timely & perfect for the holidays! Thanks for the suggestion~ my overloaded brain is weary~ These tasty bites will be gobbled up at my SIL's house!

    Merry Christmas to your & your family :~)

  10. These are beautiful. I bet they taste just as good as they look. Maybe I'll make some on our next gathering! Thanks for sharing the recipe and idea. :)

  11. What a gorgeous appetizer! I'm a huge fan of all the elements of this dish. Beautiful, Mari!

  12. You are just amazing!... The fried ravioli got my attention and now this:).
    We most always have polenta at our house, and these small bites are just incredible. Thank you for sharing the idea, as I am sure to try them soon:)

    I love, love small bites...

  13. The bite-sized polenta cakes are stunning. Beautiful. Perfect to serve up to guests an appetizer or small meal to enjoy ourselves. I just need a glass of wine and it would be perfect.

    Happy Holidays.

  14. The anchovy just makes this dish - gives it that special zing. beautiful photos


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