Fresh Cherry Tart

The most time consuming thing about this delicious dessert is 
pitting the fresh cherries ~ but believe me, it is SO worth it!

I use a simple cherry pitter device, but you can use a sharp
paring knife to cut around the natural crevice of the cherry
and pop pit out with the tip of the knife. I alway
set the colander of cherries right in the sink, with a small 
bowl for the pits, and a larger bowl to hold the pitted halves.
I find that if I rinse the sink with cold water before 
beginning the task any cherry juice/splashes rinse right
off.  I don't bother wearing gloves, just rinse my hands
with cold water before beginning, and every now and then
to avoid staining.  (Don't forget an apron!)

The good news is that this tart only requires a few ingredients,
and it's simple to put together:

Graham Cracker crust (Crushed graham crackers, melted butter and a little sugar)
Or you can use store-bought, I won't tell! :)
6 ounces (from a block) of cream cheese
3/4 cups heavy (whipping cream)
A little sugar
Pure vanilla extract
Fresh sweet cherries (such as Bing)
Seedless Raspberry jam or Currant jelly 
(to dab on the cherries for a shiny finish)

Oh my GOODNESS, this one is a winner!

I adapted the recipe from an old issue of "Everyday Food" magazine ~
Though the original recipe used cherries, as I did here ~
I'm thinking any type of fresh berry (or seedless grape halves)
would be absolutely delicious.

If you would like a copy of this recipe, it's on my recipe blog (click.)

Thanks for coming by today!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  xo~m.


  1. Glistening..ruby red slippers.. darker than ruby red:)

    This must be divine..
    I love my old fashioned pitter:)It's not a chore I dislike:)

    Cream cheese and whipping cream are always winners.
    have a lovely long weekend ..:)xx

  2. Wow! This cherry tart looks stunning. Love, love fresh cherries.

  3. Definitely don't forget the apron! This is too pretty to eat!

  4. This looks lovely and oh so tempting....

  5. Gosh this just looks fabulous. I love tarts and your cherries on your tart look like they are glistening! Jewels!


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