Fresh Peach Pie (No Bake, except the pastry crust)

It's peach season here ~ and while they are around, 
I can barely get enough of them ~ this is one of my favorite pies 
to make when peaches are at their peak.  I've been making it 
for many years and everyone seems to love it.

While I do like baked peach pie, I usually will make a 
fully baked two-crust or lattice crust using frozen peaches 
during other times of the year when fresh peaches 
aren't available.  I think this unbaked method captures the 
freshness of the season best. The only thing you have to bake
 is the pastry crust, and that can be done a day 
in advance if you like.

The method is rather unique in that the peaches are peeled 
and sliced into a big bowl, I sprinkle them with "Fruit Fresh" 
or similar (citric acid) product to prevent the fruit from 
oxidizing and turning brown. The sliced peaches are then 
sprinkled with sugar and allowed to macerate for about a 
half an hour to release some of their juices; which is then 
drained off into a measuring cup. Enough water is added 
to the juice to make 1 cup of liquid. Corn Starch is stirred
 into the liquid to make a slurry, then cooked over medium 
heat until thickened. Next, approximately 1/4 of the prepared 
peaches are stirred in and cooked for about a minute, then 
allowed to cool.  Once cool, the remaining fresh peaches 
are gently stirred in and poured into a baked, 
single crust pastry shell and refrigerated until serving time. 


It's perfectly pretty, and delicious served plain, but I always garnish with 
additional freshly cut, sweetened peaches and serve with 
sweetened whipped cream, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream 
or frozen yogurt.  It's soo GOOD!

Note: This pie is best enjoyed the day it is made.

**If you would like a printable copy of the recipe you'll find it on my recipe blog ~ HERE.


Did I mention we love peaches at my house?!

This year I bought about 30 pounds of locally grown "Red Haven" 
organic peaches, this 20 pound box was the first, followed by 
another 10+ pounds of white peaches.

After enjoying them every way imaginable fresh,  I peeled, 
slice and froze the rest (using the "dry" method of sprinkling with 
"Fruit Fresh" and a little sugar prior to freezing.) I froze the peaches 
in small portions, about 2 to 3 cups per bag.  As once the 
peaches are thawed, they will oxidize (turn brown) before long. 
Better to thaw 2 bags when needed than one large bag, 
of which half is likely to go to waste. 

Nothing like a "fresh" Peach cobbler or crumble to make 
cozy a winter evening, when it's raining or snowing outside.

If you try the pie, I hope you love it. 

Thanks for stopping by today!

xo ~m.


  1. What a very pretty pie:) I love all the packaged peaches too.

    have I told you I am so glad you are blogging again~ A ray of sunshine..this afternoon I played w/ Picasa and it stores archives! You would not believe how many Mary moments are there:)

  2. Aww, what a sweet message ~ thank you very much Mme. Magical! xoxo

  3. Did I mention I love your blog...well, I do love your blog...full of great recipes and wonderful photography.


  4. Hi Carmen! Thank you very much for your sweet message~ you've made my week! All the best, ~m. :)


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