Spiced Beef Turnovers with Avocado Creme Dip

I found this recipe on the Haas Avocado Board ~  they sounded so good,
 and since I had all the ingredients on hand ~ I couldn't wait to try them.
When I served them up, they received thumbs up all around the table.  


You've probably surmised from the photos that the little turnovers 
are made with wonton wrappers. They are filled with cooked, 
slightly spicy ground beef (I added a little grated cheddar to the 
beef mixture after it was browned and cooled.) 

After filling and sealing the wonton wrappers, they are fried in 
about an inch of vegetable oil for just a couple of minutes, 
flipping once.


I'm not a fan of burning hot and spicy, and these were not.
Next time though, I would either add a little more spicy seasoning 
to the filling, or spice up the avocado dipping sauce a bit.

Honestly, I thought the combination was just a wee 
bit bland . . .the avocado is blended with only sour cream, 
a pinch of salt and lime juice. Either the filling or the dip
needs more heat, imo.

But then again they disappeared within moments, 
accompanied by lots of compliments and no complaints.

I'm thinking of experimenting with this method using ground chicken, 
turkey or pork. Perhaps shrimp?  (I'm not so sure the other fillings 
would have to be cooked first (thinking here about traditional 
meat filled wontons) ... 
If I do try them with another filling, I'll post about it with my results.

Such a fun little appetizer!

If you would like a printable copy of the recipe you'll find it by clicking HERE.

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I love to read your comments and/or suggestions!  xo~m


  1. They are so beautiful..You would have only had oohs and aahs from me~

  2. It's no surprise to me these little turnovers would disappear immediately :)

  3. That looks REALLY good! I definitely want to try these!


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